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An Interview with the Holy One Himself

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JAVIER HERNANDEZ is living the dream with Manchester United - after thinking a dream was as close to the club as he would get.
The 22-year-old striker fired Mexico's World Cup bid with two great goals in South Africa.

And he has already shown the Premier League why there will be plenty more to come with United.

Yet he never believed it could happen for him at Old Trafford, after a winter of 'Yes-No' negotiations with his old club Guadalajara.

The deal was done, though, and a terrific Wembley strike in the Community Shield win over Chelsea plus goals against Valencia and West Brom have shown his potential.

Now the youngster looks set for another run-out at Stoke tomorrow, as Wayne Rooney's ankle keeps him out again.

The Red Devils' rookie revealed: "United's interest in me came as a complete surprise.

"Initially, I believed it to be pure rumour but now I am here.

"Even when I signed the deal, I was still worried about the question hanging over my work permit.

"At any given moment I could have gone on loan to another European club instead. But United worked the situation very well.

"And though it is complicated to make an early impression at a big club like United, plus it is not easy to adapt to a new country, United helped me through.

"Many people thought Spain or Italy would offer me my best chance in Europe.

"But my dream was to play for United and win the Premier League."

This week Hernandez has found himself looking on as the dramatic Rooney saga unravelled.

Hernandez revealed: "Wayne spoke with the veterans of the dressing room. The situation came as a surprise to me, so I'm just glad he is staying. Had he gone, it would have been bad news for us."

Rooney's current enforced absence can only help Hernandez continue to find his feet - and the fleet-footed Mexican is itching to score more goals.

He added: "My best so far was the first against Chelsea. But I will always remember my Champions League debut with the winner in Valencia.

"We needed the victory and it came in the final minutes. It was a very emotional moment for me.

"I am a rookie in the Premier League. But I am happy so far with my start, my goals and my work-rate.

"United have enormous options up front but Alex Ferguson has given me chances and I'm grateful for that.

"He is a coach with very clear ideas. From the first day he spoke with me and explained what he wanted.

"He insisted there was no need for me to feel anxious or nervous. I think I am fulfilling what he wants.

"I am a very open person myself and am trying to be friendly with everyone. But because of the language situation, I have more contact with Anderson and Nani. bromance,por favor?

"The biggest thing for me has been the change of food and the climate. I didn't realise it would be so cold here." .obvs he forgot to pack more than 1 poncho ~smh~

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