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Single supporter for Sandefjord

This story is too good not to be posted.

(AP) The players would like to thank Tor Jørgen Svanberg for the match. He was in fact only Sandefjord supporter who took the trip to Aalesund.

VG TV: Watch the players thank Tor Jørgen for battle!

Svanberg travels usually alone to all of Sandefjords away games, and was curious how many others who had made the trip to the away meeting with Aalesund on Sunday.

The surprise was big when he was suddenly left alone in the away section - along with a policeman and three security guards.

- You never know who shows up, but it was a bit special, yes. Still, it had been worse for the club if no one had been there. I hope it's the last time something like that happens, " Svanberg told VG Nett.

He also experienced the same in Tromso, but the fans did not come from Oslo because of the ash cloud from Iceland.

  Invited to end of the season party

Today  Svanberg was thanked regardless by club director Øystein Ulsnæs.

- You really don't hope that it will happen, that one is standing there alone. At the same time I think it is a touching dedication. Watching the players go over to thank him for the match, moved my feelings at the highest level, "says Ulsnæs to VG Nett.

Now he will contact the keen supporter.

- We will show that this is something we appreciate. When it is so special like this, he is invited to our end of the season party where we will give him some nice words.

Sandefjord had also brought a rare point yesterday, after Alexander Gabrielsen 2-2-equalization just before the end.


Where is my Norwegian League (Tippeligaen) tag? :( And yes, this was in the LEAGUE. TOP LEAGUE. damn.
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