I'm way too cescy and absolutely fabregas. (abfabregas) wrote in ontd_football,
I'm way too cescy and absolutely fabregas.

Gerard Pique: You can be Catalan and Spanish perfectly + ~sergio/catalangate.


On gossip and rumors:
“I don’t watch these programs, or read magazines. Why? It’s inevitable and uncontrollable. To have won the World Cup has led us to be the focus of attention of such media. My thing is football and nothing will distract me from it. I just disconnect, and that’s it.”

On the success: “I have not changed. It’s true that since I returned to Barcelona its been a good phase. I’ve won titles with both the club and with the selection, but I’m still the same. People around me continues to remain the same. I’m very happy, it’s good when we win itles. Football gives you life or at least the meaning of life. I’m very happy, again. You can be listless, depressed but when you enter a field the desire enters you. You see the ball and forget everything.”

On Sergio's joke, and Catalunya/Spain politics in footballCollapse )

and I shall end with the best picture EVER (excuse the english):

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