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Mini picspam: USA v. POLAND

Okay. First post here and I bring you tidings and crappy camera pictures. And since I'm totally biased for the US team, it's going to be mostly US. Also I'm not familiar with the Polish NT so fans please help me fill in the blanks if you were at the game.

NOTE:I'm uploading a few more images as we speak so yeah. :x Though they're probably not so great either Done! Since I think most of the images got repetitive and/or were super blurry I think that's it.

Just got back from the US V. POLAND GAME.

Again, apologies for the quality. Even though I was in the 100 section, in row seven (So close I could see the sweat glistening of Tim 'Get out of my house, bitch' Howard's head), my camera is terrible.

It was an awesome game, even if I was one of a few US fans in a sea of red Poland fans (Fun trivia fact: The Chicago area has a huge Polish population. Second only to Poland itself). Since it's a NT friendly, naturally everyone was super into this.

And a quick shot of some of the crowd! I think the announcer said it was at least 31,000 folks in Soldier Field. Which has a max capacity of 61,500. Not bad for a non-American football related sport event!

Now I'm just going to let the pictures talk for themselves (Mostly).

The boys warming up!

At the half. Guzan warming up a bit though he didn't get to play. D:


Final Score!

Polish NT thanking their fans. The US also thanked their fans too, but at that point I was swept up (For I am a tiny person) in the sea of fans leaving.

Other moments that I did not take pictures of because I was so into the game:
-Various players on both sides getting knocked over and respective team fans booing at each.
-Polish player getting yellow carded for roughing up Stuart Holden. Then the almost fight right after.
-Altidore getting a yellow card (I think?) for tossing a Polish player. No. Really. He hefted the man a few...Inches.
-Dempsey tripped on the ball. Of course.
-Tim Howard is a beast that was bested in this game only though the art of confusion.

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