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there are no gays in football

Sport journalist Paolo Colombo and italian tv host Alessandro Cecchi Paone, both openly gay, have recently made shocking confessions.

According to openly gay journalist Paolo Colombo—who revealed all of this on the Italian show Chiambretti Night— there are gay players in the top teams, for example Juve has a gay player in the midfield/attack and AC Milan had a gay player who recently just transferred out. 
He also said that he had a relationship with a foreign player who came to Italy in the late 90s, but then the player decided to get married and now has a traditional family. 

In Colombo’s view, when it comes to homosexuality, the world of football simply does not like or want to talk about it.

Meanwhile, Alessandro Cecchi Paone on Mattino Cinque, during a discussion on homphobia and gay discrimination in Italy, confessed: 

"I've had two beautiful love stories with two footballers, but sadly both relationships came to a bad end because they were forced to keep their sexuality secret. They were scared of how it could affect the dressing room and the media, and they also feared the supporters' reaction.
One of them plays for Serie A, and has a fake wife. The other one plays for Serie C1, and has a fake girfriend."

"The famous one is in his thirties, and he's terrified. He begged me not to mention his name. The other one is 25 and he's more serene about it. He's probably going to coming out in the next few weeks, and that would be a real turning point, because it would be the first time a footballer reveals his sexuality."

Cesare Prandelli, Italy's NT coach, commented: "We're waiting for any gay footballer to reveal it to the media. I was positively impressed with Tiziano Ferro's coming out ((Tiziano Ferro is a famous italian singer who recently admitted he's gay )), because there is nothing wrong with being homosexual. I think that those who decide to reveal it to the media are just trying to help the others. Homosexuality has always been a taboo in italian society."

sources 2 3

i'm sorry but the sources are in italian only :/
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