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Sívori appreciation post

Enrique Omar Sívori

Omar Sívori was an Argentinian striker that was born the 2nd of October in San Nicolás, Argentina. He gave his first steps in River Plate, where he played 63 games and scored 29 goals, alongside idols Ángel Labruna and Félix Loustau. With River, he won 54/55, 55/56 and 56/57 Primera División titles.

During the 1957/1958 season, Renato Cesarini spotted him and arranged his move to Juventus, for an at that time record fee, £91,000. At the same time, two other Argentines were transfered to Italy (Antonio Angelillo to Inter and Humberto Maschio to Bologna), and the three of them received the nickname of "Trio of Death".

In Juventus, Sívori scored 167 goals in 253 appearances, amongst which was the goal for the 1-0 win over Real Madrid, making Juventus the first italian team to ever win at Santiago Bernabéu. He remains the 4th goalscorer in Juventus' history, and also holds the record for most Juventus goals in a single game: he scored 6 in a 9-1 win against Inter.

The titles he won with Juve were 57/58, 59/60 and 60/61 Serie A titles, and 58/59 and 59/60 Coppa Italia. In 1961 he was named European Footballer of the Year.

In 1965, he was transfered to Napoli, where he scored 12 goals in 63 games.

Playing for Argentina's National Team, he played 18 matches and scored 9 goals. He won the Copa América in 1957 (including 8-2 victory against Colombia and 3-0 win against Brazil). After his move to Italy, however, he was forbidden by the Argentinian government from representing the National squad, but as he had Italian ancestry, he started playing for the azzurri team, for which he played 9 games and scored 8 times.

Omar passed away on February 17th in 2005, when he was 69 years old.


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