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xabi alonso talks about kissing Stevie, Cris' photoshoot, and Carles in a towel

Sorry I cannot in good conscience use the xabeard tag now that he's shaved it off

EDIT: Aaaand embedding has been disabled, go watch it on youtube

Interviewer: I'm with Xabi Alonso, Real Madrid player, a man who has won, among other things, a Champions League, Euro 2008, World Cup... you've got more titles than the Duchess of Alba already, right, Xabi?
Xabi: Well, I'd like to have some of the titles she has, but I'm satisfied.
Interviewer: Would you like to be a duke?
Xabi: No, I was talking about other things.
Interviewer: We checked the newspaper library and about De Jong's kick, how do you remember that moment? Do you think he really wanted to kick you?
Xabi: I don't think he meant to, when I saw it on TV I was much more impressed than during the match. It hurt so much my entire body cracked: my hips, my back, everything. But it was the final, I couldn't stop playing.
Interviewer: We're going to change the subject from a violent moment to a romantic one: your kiss with Gerrard. It was so beautiful! I hope you tell me you've celebrated better on other ocassions.
Xabi: Well, it was a spur of the moment thing, but I think it's just a funny anecdote, he came to me...
Interviewer: Keep in mind it was him.
Xabi: But well, I answered.
Interviewer: Would you do something like that again?
Xabi: No, you don't prepare for that kind of thing.
Interviewer: About when the Queen went to congratulate you, couldn't anyone tell Puyol to get dressed before meeting her?
Xabi: Yes, he should have get dressed, but we had won, so we wanted to celebrate.
Interviewer: How do you call him?
Xabi: Puyi.
Interviewer: Didn't you tell him "Hey, Puyi, be a little more...".
Xabi: Well, we joked a bit, but I didn't even notice.
Interviewer: And the Queen...
Xabi: I don't know what she would say.
Interviewer: I remember a picture where you looked very handsome, would you pose for photos like the ones your partner Cristiano Ronaldo poses for?
Xabi: Well, he can do that, I'm not sure I'd do that, but he looks good in them [he doesn't exactly say that, but I wasn't sure how to translate it; it's more like "those kind of photos suit him"]
Interviewer: Xavi Hernández told Cristina Pedroche that if you won the World Cup you'd visit us [she means their program, Sé lo que hicísteis]. There's not enough room for 23 of you, but the ones who are in Madrid could visit us sometime.
Xabi: Maybe we will.
Interviewer: Could you write a message on our Twitter?
Xabi: I'd have to follow you first.
Interviewer: Say that you loved the interview and that I was very nice to you!
Xabi: Of course I will, no doubt about it.

Thanks maisekai for the translation!!

video via the lovely ela_san at furia_roja
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