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Arsenal FC/Wales NT's next top midfielder - Aaron Ramsey

This boy is special. So special that Arsene Wenger went extra miles in bidding war with Manchester United FC and Everton FC - by flying him and his family to Switzerland to talk about the plans Le Boss had for him and his potential future with Arsenal. And succeeded in doing so for £5 million. (which later discounted to £4.8 million as Arsenal FC managed to pay the transfer fee in full earlier than as expected/scheduled)

So who is this Aaron Ramsey boy?

Aaron Ramsey, or Aaron James Ramsey to HMRC, Azza to Gunners and Gooners, and nicknamed as Rambo to some, King of Wales to others - was born on 26 December 1990 (which makes him legit 20 years old this year, so pedobear you are saved!) in Caerphilly, Wales.

Azza joined Cardiff City at tender age of eight, working his way through the Bluebirds youth system and in 28 April 2007, making his debut for first team and became the youngest player to ever play for Cardiff City, beating John Toshack's record. He made 16 appearances for Cardiff, including appearance in FA Cup final against Portsmouth.

On June 2008, Azza signed to Arsenal for £5 million. Cardiff City assistant manager and former Arsenal player and coach Terry Burton, who was credited for having brought through Ramsey, also helped recommend him to Arsenal manager Arsène Wenger, having retained a longstanding connection to the club.

"I spoke to Arsène just before they signed him. I was sitting with him in his office at the training ground and said: 'I'd really like to find something negative to say, but I can't.'" The worst he could come up with was that he was exceptionally quiet – surprisingly so for a lad nicknamed Rambo who wrote on his social networking webpage that he was scared of nuffin.


To date, Azza has made 21 starts (+28 subs) for Arsenal FC, scoring 5 goals with 6 assist-tally in four different competitions.

season 2008/09 : Azza spent his first season with the Gunners by picking up valuable first-team experience and honing his raw skills (and picking up tips to be BAGQMF along the way) on the training pitches at London Colney. He made his debut for Arsenal in Champions League qualifying round against FC Twente in 13 August 2008 and league debut a month later in match against Blackburn Rovers (and capped it with an assist)

AMong the highlights of his debut season would be his performance in Carling Cup clash against Sheffield United where he made two assist to his bff, Nicklas Bendtner (more on this later) and Carlos Vela who had a hat-trick in the said match. Azza also became fifth youngest scorer in Champions League history, scoring against Fenerbahce in 5-2 victory.

season 2009/10 : his second season started brightly as Azza scored his first league goal in match against Portsmouth. The highlight of his season would be his equalizer in FA Cup match against West Ham [watch the goal] which his impressive performance earned him Man of the Match. (this also the first and last attempt from Azza to run to the crowd after scoring the match and nearly got suffocated by the overwhelming fans in the process, though it is unconfirmed)

He also earned another MotM in Carling Cup match against Liverpool.

His second season in Premier League was cut short after he sustained fractures to the tibia and fibula in his right leg during league match versus Stoke City in 27 February 2010 :/


  • makes his debut for senior team on 19 November 2008 against Denmark NT in friendly match
  • his first senior goal is against Liechstenstein via free kick [watch]
  • his best senior NT goal most probably his stunning solo effort against Scotland in November 14th, 2009

    ohai boner, icu!

  • Azza is awarded Wales' Young Player of the Year 2009 in November

some interesting fachts

  • despite coming from Caerphilly which is famous for cheese, Azza doesn't like cheese
  • as a school boy Azza was the Welsh 800m champion at 13, and was also offered the chance to sign for Rugby League giants St. Helens
  • the best player he has played against is Michael Ballack
  • his boyhood hero is Ryan Giggs (which explained his allegiance with Manchester United FC when he was younger... also the starstruck expression during handshake in tunnel during CL clash last 2 season)
  • hobby? Pool and golf. And rugby (he is just being ~Welsh)
  • among of his habits : touching his hair during match when he's feeling exasperated, fiddling with things (seriously, his hands barely still!), biting his nails, being so shy and awkward during interview but nevahs when is asked to pose (camwhore!)

  • his first ever job is doing a paper round(!) (how come I never had newspaper boy this cute?)
  • his younger brother, Josh is a rugby player

    ** maybe Josh can teach a thing or two to Azza about the importance of being shirtless, ahem

    ** Josh looking freakishly like Azza

    (cute story about Azza went to watch Josh in rugby match)

  • he had his parents on the phone every night for three weeks when he first moved to London. Under his parents' insistence, he stayed with Chris Gunter who at that time played for Spurs (lmao)
  • his bff in football is Chris Gunter, defender for Nott Forest/Wales NT (Chris and Azza used to play together at Cardiff), Kieran Gibbs & Nicklas Bendtner

which comes to the most important part - his bffness with BAMF soon-to-be-DILF Nicklas Bendtner

My best friend in Arsenal is definitely Aaron Ramsey. We always have a good time together. - Nicklas Bendtner

  • both enjoy playing golf together. Azza : "I’ve had a round with Nicklas Bendtner – he hits it a long way!"
  • according to Azza, Nick has slight OCD. "I went to his (bed)room and all his stuff is very organized..." (the real question is, why are you in Nick's room, Az? haha)
  • according to Nick, Azza is the worst dancer in the team because he doesn't like to crack a move!
  • Nick spent his Interlull after that Stoke match, calling Azza trying to cheer him up. Aww~ :)

  • they both prefer shopping to sleeping. Which might explain why they both share similar taste in ~fashin.

    of course, the next logical step is being appeared shirtless and/or pantless, yespleaseAzzathankyou

    The Welshboy is featured in Fantasy Battles series. He appears around 1.50, quite interesting answers he gave. lmao

    He is also being featured in The Knowledge vs fan. He won (unlike his bff Nick who lost to a young Gooner, fail Nick!)

    Azza is undergoing light training atm and won't be make his return *at least* until somewhen in November. He is expected to be in full training in mid-October.

    some sideline appearances during his lengthy absent on pitch :

    Arsenal's charity dinner in May, looking so fly in his grey suit

    Sign a new long-term contract with Arsenal FC on 1 June 2010 [source]

    Attending Emirates Cup 2010 1st day with his bff, Nick, presenting some award and watching Arsenal vs AC Milan

    fulfilling his first team duty, making appearance at Arsenal's members day

    watching Wales NT beat Luxemberg NT 5-1 (!!!) in August

    posing for Arsenal FC first team pic

    modeling for Arsenal FC's Autumn/Winter catalog

    And of course, hanging out at physioroom - keeping Nick, Robin Robert, Theo Theodore, Verma and Capi Cesc some company. lol.

    Speaking of his injury :

    "I have started running now and I have had good days and bad days but it [my recovery] is coming along and hopefully I can get back soon. There is no pain anymore.

    "The only good thing to come from this is that it has helped me realise how much my career means to me. Now I can't wait to get back training and playing.
    " (source)

    Oh we can't wait to see you to get back too, Azza!

    some gifspams :

    tyfyt and I hope you enjoy this appreciation post. And I hope that x_undercover_x and katiekylie are both still breathing. Now over to you gais, SPAMSPAMSPAM with Azza's pics/gifs! ;)

    ohey here, have some soundtrack

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