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OIC. When footballers behave badly: Barry Ferguson will NEVER play for Scotland again

Barry Ferguson has decided against a return to the Scotland fold for the Euro 2012 qualifiers against the Czech Republic and Spain.

"During a live radio broadcast last week, Barry Ferguson intimated that he may consider a return to international football. In subsequent conversations with the national team coach, Craig Levein, and the team scout, Michael Oliver, Barry has confirmed this not to be the case," said an SFA spokesman.

"He will therefore not be considered for selection and the matter is now closed."

Levein has been eager to welcome the Birmingham midfielder back in the fold since becoming George Burley's successor in December last year. Allan McGregor, who had been banned indefinitely by the Scottish Football Association along with Ferguson, quickly returned to the squad when Levein reopened the door to the pair.

But Ferguson's personal circumstances had changed after leaving Rangers as a consequence of his drinking session at the Scotland hotel and subsequent gestures towards photographers after being dropped for a World Cup qualifier against Iceland in April 2009.

So you got suspended for going on a bender with a game three days in hand, AFTER being told to got to bed. And then think it would be a good idea to sit like this:




And, not to be completely evil and horrible, everyone makes mistakes and I do understand why he has reservations about returning to the team at this time.



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