The Bear (yim_yames) wrote in ontd_football,
The Bear

when is this going to end?

Rafael Marquez had already made it clear: "This is not going to stay that way." The central defender and leader of the Mexican national team in recent years was the one who led the alliance between the 13 players suspended, according researchers said, to write a letter and then send it to Justino Compean, president of the Federation, Decio de Maria, secretary general body.

In this document, which RECORD has a copy of, expressed their desire not to be summoned in the coming games, officials or friendlies, until the problem is not resolved, ie, the players disagree on the ways Nestor de la Torre, director of the National Teams Committee, and requested, indirectly, to resign.
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basically the Mexican NT players are pissed off by the way FMF handled the whole situation with the party they had after the match against Colombia, and they are asking not to be called up for the upcoming Mexican NT games. I predict lots more drama to come our way
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