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Fans witnessed the unnerving sight of Julio Sergio crying in pain while manfully taking his position in between the posts as Roma, already down to 10 men, desperately pushed for an equaliser.

Claudio Ranieri had used all three substitutions by the time Philippe Mexes was sent off in the 64th minute, and he couldn't afford to drop an outfield player into goals for the remainder of stoppage time. Instead, the goalkeeper had his ankle heavily strapped and reluctantly played on.

It had initally been suspected Julio Sergio played on with a broken ankle but reports say the Brazilian has injured his ligaments, although further tests will confirm the extent of the injury. The goalkeeper suffered the injury after rushing out of his box and colliding with an onrushing Brescia striker, a challenge Julio Sergio was booked for.

Brescia climbed to third thanks to goals from Perparim Hetemaj and Andrea Caracciolo, the latter from a penalty awarded after Mexes' foul appeared to occer outside the box, as Marco Borriello's late strike proved to be a consolation. The pressure is building for Ranieri and up-for-sale Roma, who are yet to win this season.


EDIT: i found another article that says he's apparently going to be out for a month, with more details on his injury: source
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