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it's an arsenal/arsenalista post!!

just cos i'm procrastinating rn

pre-Braga training

dont screw up dont screw up dont screw up

hai cesc

look at how hardcore they are


sexy legs lmao

haai carlitos

flying gibbsy

BB SAMIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


lets end with some cesc

my lame timezone, as always, means i will miss the match :(
i'll just pray in my sleep that he wont make any mistakes

hes been pretty ok the first few games of the season though so lets hope that continues/improves.


oh i saved the best for last:


the end!!!!

Why Braga fans are known as "Arsenalistas"

Arsenal and Braga have never met in a competitive match but the two sides have a greater connection than you might think.

Indeed, when the Portuguese team arrives at Emirates Stadium for Wednesday's Champions League opener they will be entering the home of the club that left an indelible mark on their identity.

Way back in 1921, Braga changed their original colours of two large green and white vertical stripes to red shirts and white shorts.

Why? Because their then-coach Jozef Szabo was so enamoured by Arsenal during a trip to Highbury that he decided to adopt the London club's colours.

Such was the Gunners' influence on Szabo, Braga even renamed their youth team Arsenal do Braga.
And ever since their club changed its colours, the Braga fans have been known as Arsenalistas.

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