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Some Titi news with some mention of El Sexicano Rey

HARRISON, N.J. -- Thierry Henry sent a message to the rest of MLS Saturday night. It wasn't the fact he scored his second goal since joining the Red Bulls, but the fact he did not feel tired for the first time.

Henry has been trying to get into match fitness since he signing with the team and the league in mid-July.

“For some reason today, I felt fresh, even before coming into the game," he said after the Red Bulls' 3-1 victory over the Colorado Rapids. "It was the first time I didn’t feel tired before the game."

"We had a great understanding with Rafa [Marquez] and the set up with Tony [Tchani]. That’s part of my game to go behind the defense and I couldn’t do it before. I was more available for the guys out there on the field. So, I think it always can be impressive if it could stay like this.”

Marquez has been a big addition to the Red Bulls, Henry said.

“When you play with a guy like Rafa, it will calm you down," Henry said. "You saw at the end, it’s never an easy task. When he came out, we kind of suffered a bit. I thought we could’ve done a bit better by stepping out a bit more calm and bringing the ball up higher. But that’s what he does.

"When Rafa isn’t around sometimes it’s kind of difficult. His vision and the way he controls the ball and it’s very important the way he calms everybody down. When he’s around, it’s easier for us to come up from the back."

As for Henry's goal, it was not dedicated to the the people who perished in the 911 tragedy as previously reported, but for teammate and midfielder Carl Robinson, whose father recently passed away. Robinson returned to his native Wales for the funeral.

"It's never an easy thing to deal with," Henry said. "I thought it was the right time to decicate the goal to him. I don't know how it feels because I have never gone through that and actually I don't want to go through that. I just wanted to tell him that we're thinking about him."

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