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LULZ Inter "news"...for the 5 people that care lol

 So its noon here and I am so bored of playing Scott Pilgrim.
...and I am hungry again.
This is what made me LOL so hard.
and go WTF.

From the always trusted news source of Goal.com [popped up on my Inter twatter]

Inter To Offer Real Madrid Maicon Or Samuel Eto'o As Part Of Kaka Deal - Report
Inter have set out their strategies to land Kaka from Real Madrid.

By Salvatore Landolina
Sep 10, 2010 9:57:00 AM

Inter continue to work on their plan for Real Madrid ace Kaka and they are considering offering either Maicon or Samuel Eto'o as part of the deal.

Il Corriere dello Sport claims Inter will offer Maicon to Florentino Perez. The Brazilian defender was wanted by Madrid all summer, but Inter resisted every offer.

However, with the Nerazzurri desperate to land the former Milan man, the scales have tipped in the Spanish side's favour.

Madrid though are also keen on Eto'o. Jose Mourinho wants the striker in his team, and he could push Inter during the Kaka talks.

Those talks are planned for November 3 when Madrid are in town to play Milan in the Champions League.

Perez though won't offer Kaka at a bargain deal, and Inter will have to squeeze between give and take.
Woke up to read more LOLZ from Superlamo Mario...

Balotelli shouts 'Forza Milan!'
Thursday 9 September, 2010
Mario Balotelli teased journalists by singing the Milan anthem out of the hospital window ahead of his knee surgery!
The Manchester City striker responded favourably to Rossoneri Vice-President Adriano Galliani confessing he’d like to sign the player in future.

SuperMario, who could be out for six weeks after surgery on the lateral meniscus ligament in his right knee, teased the journalists camped outside the hospital in Pavia.

First the former Inter hitman sang the Milan anthem out of the window, then leaned out and shouted ‘Forza Milan!’

“As a child he was a Milan supporter,” explained Galliani. “This morning I sent him a text message wishing him good luck, seeing as he’s one of our fans.

“Now that’s enough, otherwise we’ll create a diplomatic incident! At the very least I’d like to avoid causing trouble for Manchester City.”

And then he does a 180...

Galliani text me, says Balotelli

Manchester City striker Mario Balotelli said he received a text from Milan Vice-President Adriano Galliani while in hospital in Pavia yesterday.

The 20-year-old was having an operation to repair the cartilage in his knee, although that didn’t stop him getting up to the usual high jinks.

Super Mario was heard singing Milan songs from his hospital window and reacted favourably to comments made by Galliani saying he would like to sign him for the Rossoneri.

Speaking to Sky Italia this morning, Balotelli said: “It’s true Galliani said me a text and he wished me a speedy recovery.

“I am fine, the operation went well. I hope to get back to playing as soon as possible. Yesterday Materazzi came to find me, but I imagine that my other former team-mates will see me at my house. I am still tied to Inter.”

When pressed on Milan’s interest, he said: “This is something else. I have still not played for City.”

Finally Balotelli gave his two shillings on the title race in Serie A.

“Inter are strong, but Milan are too. I don’t believe that the Rossoneri are superior, but I expect a great derby. Hopefully I’ll get to come and see it.”




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