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Real Madrid News Update..

Now that the international break is  over . Lets finally  get back to Club mode. Here's  the Real Madrid  News update.
The team trained together on 8th. It was an open training session & therefore the video. Training pics will  be posted  towards the end of the post.

They play against Osasuna on 11th in Santiago Bernabeu

Esteban Granero Modernization Center Presentation

The Real Madrid Foundation, in collaboration with Club Deportivo de Las Rozas, presented on Thursday Esteban Granero Modernization Center. The Real Madrid player that lends its name to the project said that "is a very exciting and I wanted to contribute my bit I am grateful for the opportunity I had to join the club. "
Now that the international break is over. All players are back into the club Fever. & i'm back again to the Real Madrid Fever myself & to celebrate i'm posting the Training session on Sept 8th.

Esteban Granero back once again to demonstrate their spirit of solidarity and makes it the Center for Modernization of high level that bears his name, focus for young players. The Real Madrid player recognized that "as canterano I am indebted to what I learned at Real Madrid. I grew up in this club and I think the brand your future education. The Real Madrid brings about very important values that make you grow both in sporting and personal. "

The players in the center are known as Los Piratas de Esteban Granero.....

Pepe Gave an interview  as he'll be making his debut this season in the game against Osasuna which is the official debut for all the newbies as its being played at Santiago Bernabeu. 

I want full hair pepe back!!!!!!

You've already recovered from the injury he suffered at the end of the preseason. How are you?, Ready and in the spirit for the game against Osasuna?
I'm fine, wanting to return to the grass and able to perform my work in the field, to help my team. I am eager to start and play again in the Bernabéu because it is very important to me

What message do you send to the fans who always supported?
I have no words to thank them. I think the most important to match these people to work in the field, do my job and help Real Madrid. Because if I help the club, helped each one of those people. So I can prove I'm fine and I can do my job. Thus I am grateful to these people all his support.

contd in the link ...

Some prizes were awarded to the winners of Hala MAdrid & hala MAdrid junior contests. Xabi Alonso, Benzema, Kaka, Albiol, Ramos, Arbeloa, Casillas and Marcelo gave their jersies to the winners

Video found in link

Now for the training pics..

Did you see my goal??

Higuain & benze are just good friends

ozil looks good without the hair partition

Benze all happy happy... 

If I were in TSO's place I would do the  same

"It was just a friendly " shakehand

pipita cant stop talking.. & theres some progress ..I think somebody is talking to ozil

Passing posing tips to each other C 2 C

Credit con la roja, unamadridista, I'm really lazy today.......  so less captions.. But there's still a bonus

Pipita with his nephew


Don't break your neck, its Yoann Eyelash Gourcuff


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  • Tuesday

    News Breaking: England ordered to play their next two UEFA home…

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    News ⏰ RESULTS ⏰ AND breathe! 😅 Ronaldo scores…