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The England babies.. Intelligent Capello ..Stevie just 'parks it'


the English U21 have had a lot of success recently and seem to be having fun while training ( i guess the Spain trend is catching on) .. and have kept themselves out of scandals .. except little Jacky .. I don't know why but i am increasingly becoming more attached to this squad then the seniors .. auhh well. mainly Jack Cork

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Capello on Rooney .. Double standards ??

"He will play," said Capello. "I monitored him during training and he was good and focused on the game. I think he forgets any problems he has while he is on the pitch. We've spoken – private things – and it's important he plays. You have to separate, to divide, your private life from your job. You have to be strong to divide the two: living the job really well and finding solutions to the problems [off the pitch] are two different things. My job is the first part. The other part is his problem. I am the manager. They are the players. We have to separate the different moments but I spoke with him and he said he wanted to play against Switzerland and that he is focused."

Capello has left himself open to accusations of double standards, given his dismissal of John Terry as captain earlier this year, after revelations over the defender's private life, albeit that those stories had an effect on an international team-mate, Wayne Bridge. Asked what the difference was between the two cases, the Italian fell short of simply pointing to his team's trickiest test in the group and said: "John Terry played all the games after what happened. It was only the armband [that he lost]. I felt it was important to do that. He is still like a captain of the England team.

"I spoke to him at lunch about the game and he seems OK and ready to play," said the England captain, Steven Gerrard. "I haven't spoken to him about the allegations. Who am I to talk about things like that with Wayne? He's his own man. It's his private life. But if you have an issue off the pitch, you're in a situation where you have to 'park it'.

"Sometimes football can be a release from it. Once the game has started you're focused on what happens on the pitch, not what's going on off it. I played some of my best football when I was going through my court case last year [the Liverpool midfielder was cleared of affray]. Wayne was one of the major reasons why we won against Bulgaria the other night and we'll be looking for more of the same from him here."


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