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Xavi and Iniesta "interview" each other, it's awkward and lolzy at the same time.

‘Humphrey Bogart’ or ‘Sweet Iniesta’. One of them will receive the Golden Ball as the best player on 2010.

Barely 170 centimeters, they don't look really bulky, they are not particularly fast and much less explosive, they don't have an innate goal instinct and they don't stand out for their ruthless hits. But despite all these drawbacks, they are the strongests candidates to win next year's Golden Ball and the envy of all clubs in the world because they are the epitome of attractive and spectacular football led by Barcelona. They are defined as the 'gamers', the most admired players in the world and to top it they are nice and likeable. They are Xavi and Iniesta, or Iniesta and Xavi, because in this case the order of factors does not alter the product, as Mourinho would say, the 'update'. SPORT asked them to participate in a debate before leaving for Argentina to play a friendly against Leo Messi and both accepted the challenge under one condition: to talk about football and only football.


Xavi: First I want to congratulate Andrés because you know you've been my soft spot for a long time. For me, you deserve the Golden ball.

Iniesta: You and I think that what matters is the collective awards and not the individual ones, but in any case Xavi, if we take into account your career and your quality, you have everything to win.

X: But to be fair, just above you and me, there is Messi. He's the best player in the world, but this year, because of the the World Cup, he could be left out.

I: Yes, indeed. Leo is above everyone. He alone can make a difference with such superiority.

X: Have you read the statements of Ibra calling Pep a philosopher? Kind of crazy, right?

I: I don't know what he's refferring to, but Pep passes us on many things that helps us improve.

X: Yes, for me Pep is a football freak. He's got every detail under control. He's very methodical. More than a philosopher I would call him a scholar.

I: I learn every day from Pep, he always teaches me something. That's very important for me.

X: For me it is a reference in every sense, he's the best coach I've ever had in my life. Plus, to us it was very good because he has given us people from home confidence and strength.

I: Yes, with Pep I feel important.

X: Man, Andrés you are important for everyone. Wherever you go, they cheer you.

I: The truth is that it's a nice feeling to see how they applaud you away from home. I'm not embarrassed anymore, it's quite the opposite, I'm very grateful.

X: It's so cool! People want to reward you. You and all the others. Look at Villa and how they applauded him in the Nuevo Sardinero.

I: Yes, certainly. It is obvious that the World Cup has much to do with it, that's why the fans are all over us. I'm really grateful for all this love.

X: We are privileged. Now for example we have Villa attacking. A guy who is always moving and looking for spaces and who is fully adapted to our game.

I: Yes, 'Guaje' will make everything much easier. Besides, he does not only look for space but he gives good assists. Combine the two things. We've got an amazing chemistry

X: Too bad that Cesc is not here, that would be fucking amazing!

I: Such a pity. when you talk to him you realize he was really happy and everything looked like it would be alright, but ...

X: Bah! If it's didn't happen this year, then the next one. Cesc has the DNA of Barcelona and he will end up here. I think Wenger has already made it clear that they can only keep him for one more year.

I: Arsenal did not want to sell him this year so it was very difficult that he would come.

X: Have you seen Mourinho's arrival? He can't stop speaking about Barcelona

I: Luckily we don't need that to be motivated.

X: I don't know what to say, it motivates me that 'Mou' is in Madrid. He's a very mediatic coach, who likes controversy and talking a lot, maybe too much.

I: Yes, but we have to focus on ourselves.

X: Sure! We will not be so foolish to fall into his provocations.

Q: If we win or we get far in the competitions it's going to be thanks to us.

X: Only one thing, they should respect our injury. (i really don't get this sentence, even in spanish lol)

I: Yes, we know that they are part of the game. When you play you don't think that you can get hurt. Working on preventing them it's really important.

X: This year we have to be very careful, Andrés. Every year we have to be more careful. I think that looking at the statistics of recent years, Barça's Spanish internationals are the ones who have played more games and this will take it's toll sooner or later.

I: Yes, knock on wood. By the way, did you see the Atletico de Madrid match?

X: Yes They are strong. Worst of all is that within two games we face them at Calderon.

I: They are a great team and they are growing strong.

X: Unfortunately I still remember the game we played there last season. It was the only one we lost in the liga. I was injured, Keite too. Alves could not play and Bartra did, and he helped a lot.

I: Hopefully this year we will do better.

X: Yes, but first we have to beat Hercules at Camp Nou.

I: As the coach says, you have to go game by game.

X: Many people are surprised by the draw of Madrid in Mallorca, but I always say that the Iberostar Stadium is not an easy one.

I: We'll have to wait and see what consequences has this result on the future.

X: The thing is that as there's a liga break now, people can't stop talking about the same.

I: Yes, it's too soon to talk about anything. We are not going to get cocky because we won Racing 0-3. We know that nobody is going to give anything for free.

X: You're right. The leagues are long and harsh. You can not relax, not even for a second.

I: And we have Guardiola for that. With him you can't never relax.

X: Now that you mention Pep, Ibrahimovic came to my mind again and I'm not sure why.

I: I don't know about you, but I as a colleague I've never had any complaints. As a player, everyone has their own personal situation. He is a great player and he will not stop being one just because he's left.

X: I always say the same: the important thing is to be happy. The way things were going, what was best for everyone was for him to leave. I hope he enjoys this new stage in Milan.

I: It's true, what matters is that you are at ease and feel good. I don't know if his departure was necessary, but an agreement was reached and it's over.

X: Did you see Mascherano, how awesome he is? He says he will learn from us.

I: We also learn from him. He's Argentina's leader and has experience at Liverpool. He is going to contribute with so many things.

X: Exactly! Mascherano is a great signing, and Adriano too. We have a very complete and versatile team to face the season.

I: And I've already matched my records from last season.

X: How?

I: Yeah, man, I've already scored a goal and last year I only scored once in la liga.

X: Ha ha! You know what happens, Andrés? You keep your goals for the important moments. Stamford Bridge, the World Cup final and now I guess you're waiting for the Champions League final at Wembley, right?

I: No, I think I'd rather keep on scoring so I don't lose the habit.

X: Hey, a little bird told me that there has been a lot of jokes this summer with the photos of your swimsuit. Is that true?

I: Did you see the pictures?

X: No. (lol Xavi, please, stop lying)

I: Well, I was wearing that one as any other. Apparently there were people who did not like it.

X: Why?

I: Ah! I do not know. In my opinion it was a really beautiful bathing suit, but we know that to each their own.

X: By the way, have you received the bonus (economically) for winning the World Cup?

I: So far I have not, we'll have to wait.

X: Well, I'm like you, Andrés. Nothing at all.

I: Different topic, what do you think of Sandro being the new president?

X: Well to tell you the truth I was pleasantly surprised. Do you remember when we were with him, Bartomeu and Rossich (the CEO) during the Spanish Supercopa at Nou Camp, he was very kind and loving. I am convinced he will do things properly. You can see that he loves Barca and he will do everything that's possible to maintain the team's victories.

I: We also have the advantage that we already knew him. You can see that he wants to do things properly and everybody has its own way of achieving success. It is clear that their success is also our success and we will all go towards the same direction.

X: We also have to thank him the gesture he had with Laporta to let him celebrate the liga with us at Camp Nou. That says a lot about Sandro because it is the best way to unite Barcelona under the same flag.

I: Yes, the more unity, the better. We have always avoided non-sport-related issues because we can't control them, but it was nice to enjoy a the Gamper party.

X: If we have to talk about parties, the one in South Africa and then in Spain was amazing!

I: Man I especially realised about it when I was in Fuentealbilla on vacation. A lot of people came to see me and I just realized what it means to win a World Cup, especially for the people.

X: I did not want to go so far and I stayed all summer Catalunya. I wanted to enjoy this success with my people.

I: I went to Sardinia to disconnect.

X: But many people must have recognised you, right?

I: Not so much, it's a very quiet place if you know how to choose.

X: The truth is that we can not ask for many other things. We are in the best club in the world and the best national team of the world.

I: Yes, we feel right at home here. Everybody treat us very well, the doctors, physio, coach ... The group is fantastic. It's much easier to achieve the results this way.

X: And to top it we have six of our teammates by our side.

I: Yes, that helps. But we have also known the others for a long time and we work as a family.

X: Andrés, remember that you promised to score a goal in the Wembley final and if it's possible after having lifted the Ballon D'Or next January.

I: I wish. But you know how I am, it may seems like I'm repeating myself a lot, but to me the collective trophies are more important that the individual ones.

X: Hey, we haven't even realised it's one thirty!

I: No way! Let's go eat, or we'll be late!

Original source in spanish.

They are adorable, perfect, amazing, smart, etc. i love them more than I could explain.
Also, sorry for the tacky translation, i've done it while i was cooking and eating my lunch. I hope there's not many mistakes!! :D



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