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Arsenal defender Bacary Sagna not moved by France captaincy rumours 
(Um, what?)

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Arsenal defender Bacary Sagna has says he is unconcerned about rumours he is to be named the new France captain.

New head coach Laurent Blanc is on the lookout for a skipper after previous incumbent Patrice Evra's five-match ban after his role in the World Cup 2010 disaster. The ex-Manchester United defender has declared he will choose his successor on Friday, with Sagna, Roma's Philippe Mexes and Chelsea's Florent Malouda the rumoured candidates.

Speaking to L'Equipe, Sagna stated he will just concentrate on passing on his experience to the younger players in the squad.

He said: "As a player called regularly, yes, I think [I could be a candidate].

"Now, the most important thing is first to be powerful, to pass on my experience to the younger players and put them at ease.

"My role is to defend the colors of the France team, not worry about that [captaincy].

"But I think every player here feels important. In order to make an impression and assert themselves, it takes personality."

I know this is from LOL.com (although it cited L'Equipe interview) but how amazing would this be? 


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1. From arsenal11
Hi Andrey I have 3 questions for you! 1. How often do you play FIFA 10 in your spare time (there were rumors that you played with Vermalen)?
A.A.: We played with Vermalen at the filming of the commercial. The last time we played in pairs at the training camp. Gibbs and I beat somebody, I do not remember who, but we played really confidently.

2. From Gago96
My coach is Mastitsky Maxim Dmitrievich, he said that he knew you and you played together in the Smena School and he’s 2 years younger than you. Is it true?
A.A.: I played with your coach for the institute, he, in my opinion, graduated from the Zenit School. But he has never been Maxim Dmitrievich for me, but simply Maxim :).

3. From Moonray
Andrey, it is true that you were invited to star in the Madonna's husband Guy Ritchie movie? Thanks.
A.A.: No, in the movie of Ilya Shilovsky wife’s husband.

4. From arinka34
Hello! Recently my friend has announced really confidently that her friend saw you in some cafe and you even gave her an autograph.... frankly, it’s a little hard to believe ... but just to make sure, I decided to ask you personally: Have you been to Volgograd this summer or it was someone who just looked like you?
A.A.: No, I’ve been only to St. Petersburg, Moscow and Mandrogi: if we are talking about the places where I spent my vacation in Russia.

5. ArtemKa1993
How can a 17 year old player find an agent?
A.A.: It’s better to find a club first :)

6. From DimaLex95
Hi Andrey, whose way of playing do you like the most among the Rubin players? :)))
A.A.: They were sold and no longer play for the team of the Tatarstan capital.

7. From snakann
Hi, Andrey! I came across your photos on the internet not long ago, where you are wearing a stylish suit. It was rather unusual to see you in a suit. It suits you!
A.A.: Really? OK. Although, frankly, I rarely wear business suits and feel uncomfortable in them.

8. From ArtemKa1993
Hi Andrey, I’ve been supporting you since I was 5 years old and now I’m 17 and I’ve been playing for the Moscovskaya Zastava team in St. Petersburg for the last 8 years. I live in Gatchina. Have you ever been here? And I can’t seem to understand your style of playing? Andrey, how many trainings do you have a week? How is your family doing? How is Artyom?
A.A.: Of course, I’ve been there. I even celebrated the New Year there. Only you are not telling the truth, you couldn’t support me since you were 5, I didn’t play for Zenit 12 years ago.

9. From Polovinka
Good evening, Andrey. Good luck in the upcoming games; I wish you health and all the best. Q: What are you doing tomorrow evening?
A.A.: Training with the national team.

10. From AlexMinsk
Hello, Andrey. Are there any rumors that A. Wenger is going to return Gleb to Arsenal? I think that you would score a lot of goal playing together.
A.A.: I haven’t heard about it.

11. From vladfcts
Andrey, do you have plans to come to Ukraine or to the Crimea? I have long been dreaming about meeting you.
A.A.: I’m going to Donetsk soon. Then, hopefully, I’m going to visit our fraternal Slavic republic as a member of our national team.

12. From fantasergio
Hello. How do you like living in England?
A.A.: I’m getting used to it.

13. From den2310
Hello, Andrey, Why didn’t you take number 10 when William Gallas became a free agent and it was taken by Robin van Persie!
A.A.: Because I played for Zenit under this number and I wear it for the national team.

14. From mute15
Andrey, I'm 13 years old and I began following football when I was 11. And the first player I discovered was you. I don’t know why it happened. I want to ask a question: there were a lot of famous football players in the Pepsi commercial but not all of theml spoke English. How did you communicate with them then? Thanks in advance :))))
A.A.: I talked to those people who spoke English. I mean Henry, Lampard and Drogba.

15. From orikorik
Hi, how are you doing? I’m your biggest fan from Uzbekistan. Where are you going to play after Arsenal?
A.A.: What’s the purpose of your question?

16. From nacamura
I play Football Manager 2010 and I think that it is the best football manager ever. They say you would like to become a scout after your football career (I'm sure it won’t happen soon). Are you interested in this work in the future? Zenit is a Champion! Have a good season without any injuries. P.S.: By the way, according to the web-site www.transfermarkt.de – your estimated transfer value amounts to 26.000.000 € and it’s the second largest transfer value in your squad. Impressive, isn’t it?
A.A.: I do not know, everything is possible. Impressive? If I had such a salary, it surely would be impressive ;)

17. From Vladlena1
Hello, Andrey. Give us, please, your opinion. What do you think is more romantic to watch the sunset or the sunrise? :) Thank you in advance for paying attention to my question. Lada. Ramenskoye.
A.A.: Enjoy both the sunset and the sunrise, and, most importantly, do it with a person you like.

18. From Vladlena1
Hello, Andrey. My question concerns the World Cup – 2010. It is as follows: "Did you congratulate your teammate Cesc Fabregas on winning the Champion of the World title? And how did you do it?” Thank you in advance for your attention to my question. Lada. Ramenskoye.
A.A.: We all congratulated him. How? Simply said: «Congratulations!»

19. From Vladlena1
Hello, Andrey. Could you please satisfy my curiosity, tell me what your favorite color is? :) Thank you in advance for your attention to my question. Lada. Ramenskoye.
A.A.: Black and red. Or as Kinchev sang: "Red on black."

20. From Vladlena1
Hello, Andrey. I have a vital domestic question: "Can you cook?" :) Thank you in advance for your attention to my question. Lada. Ramenskoye.
A.A.: So-so. I can make macaroni, fry some meat, make a sandwich and pour a cup of tea…

21. From Belotskiy10
Andrey, how many goals will you try to score this season?
A.A.: Wait and see. Although I’ve already set a goal for myself. To begin with I have to catch up with and surpass Alexander Borodyuk, and then I’m going to deal with Oleg Salenko ;)

22. From homodicea
Is it true that the club’s management banned you from blogging? Or they just banned you from making harsh statements on you site?
A.A.: Nonsense.

23. From Ertassov
Hello Andrey! I would like to say that you are my favorite footballer. I want you to come to Kazakhstan (Aktobe city) and support our team in the Champions League. All the best, Aidar.
A.A.: I can come with Arsenal and “kill” it ;)

24. From danilka937
Did you play football better than anyone else in your childhood?
A.A.: Sometimes.

25. From BaHeK34
Hello, I am writing for the second time, I would like to know how to do to get out of the yard football and into a club considering that I’m a good footballer? Thanks!
A.A.: Everything is possible in this life.

26. From bulanmisha
“We've Got Arshavin, FUCK Adebayor!"
А.А.: I’ve heard that.

27. From Zykoff
Hi Andrey, my name is Alexander, I am 14 years old, I live in Korsako on Sakhalin Island. I love to play football and watch matches with your participation. Please give me advice; I want to become a good footballer. Thanks
A.A.: To begin with, move to the mainland the way our singer Igor Nikolaev did.

28. From andreysss
Andrey. I've got a question. Has it ever happened to you when you were 14 - 15 years old that your coach praised the way you played but when you came out to play in the yard then nothing turned out, your legs became like logs and everybody started saying that you didn’t know how to play?
A.A.: It happens to me even now sometimes.

29. From BaHeK34
Andrey! What do you think about organizing the Arshavin Cup in some Russian city? I guess there are plenty of young talented guys but they have no opportunity to show themselves.
A.A.: It’s a good idea. I would totally support it; it remains only to figure out the financing question.

30. From BaHeK34
Hello, Andrey! Do you sit on www.vkontakte.ru or not? And if not, why?
Thank you!
A.A.: I sit on my behind.

31. From Rusia22
Hi, Andrey! I am from Ukraine, but I like the way you play. Could you please tell me if it’s possible to study in college and play football seriously at the same time?
A.A.: It’s possible at an amateur level. It’s also possible, while studying in college, not only play football, but also chase after girls.

32. From maksZENIT
Hi, Andrey! Even though you play for another team now, do you still care about Zenit? Do you communicate with anybody from your former team?
A.A.: Yesterday I watched the game against Lokomotiv. Zenit showed quality football and won confidently. I liked the ardent support of the St. Petersburg’s fans, it was great. I spent all my life in Zenit, and, of course, I wish my friends and supporters success.


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