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Forlan+Pele, Suarez+Delfina = Uruguay NT gifspam!

It's official - "The King" Pele welcomes Forlan onto football Olympus, says Forlan is the best player in the World. :) Also praises Spain NT.

In English:
"The legendary Brazilian footballer 'Pelé', praised the Uruguayan player Diego Forlan and the Spanish NT, admitting that he would have liked to play in that team."

"It is difficult to say who is the best player in the world today. Perhaps the World Cup (in South Africa) can give us a reference. And for me, without a doubt, the best of all is Forlán" said Pelé.

"Before the World Cup the expectations were in players like Kaká or Messi, two extraordinary players. Also Cristiano Ronaldo or Thierry Henry, but unforutnately none of them could show their capacity at the WC."

For the great Brazilian, "Forlán played a high level inside a team that also played well. Rarely have I seen the award for the best World Cup player with more justice than this time."

Spain, the outstanding.

Pelé also remembered that, "before the WC I said that Spain would be in the final. I hoped that it would be against Brazil but that didn't happen. However, Spain had a different football than the rest, it was really nice to see them play."

When asked if he would like to wear the colors of a team that plays as the Spanish team, he said that "it would be the dream of any player. I had the luck of playing in great teams, but playing in a team that plays like the Spanish team does, it would be anyone's dream."

Forlan responded: "I am very proud that such a great player as Pele said that. It's incredible. And I'm very grateful".
About Super Cup against Inter Milan on Aug. 27th, he said that "it will be a big game" and that Atletico is ready for it, being strengthened with quality players, and that he himself is in great shape.
It also might deside who gets this year's Balon D'Ore - Forlan or Sneider, as them and Iniesta are currently the main contenders for it. Whew, talk about pressure!
But Forlan says the only thing which matters is to win it for his team. :)

Also, this weekend proud papa Luis Suarez showed off his 2-weeks old daughter Delfina, all decked in Ajax kit!
And you can tell he's totally smitten with her!

There's also a video on the AjaxLife site, but it won't embed.
And in case it won't play for some, a bunch of screen caps of smitten Suarez:

So if that's not a reason for a big-ass gifspam, I don't know what is!
Plus we got our paws on some amazing extra footage from WC, and been making them into gifs for a while, so now we can share. :)

I ranted once that it was raining in Uru-SK game, and Forlan took his shirt off and it wasn't shown? Guess what - it WAS, just not to everyone!
And look what they were hiding from us!

More of that under the cut, plus Suarez kissing his wife after France game, plus more Sk celebrations, arrival of Uruguayan boys in suits etc.:

Suarez kisses wife - who travelled to South Africa 7 months pregnant to see him play...

Winking Fucile and boys in suits!

Mate etc.:

And here are some stunning gifs by tearful_eye - more boys in suits, boys with lion cubs, training gifs and some very pretty game promos!


Stunning in suits!

With lion cubs awww!

Some training pics!

And a few gifs by tearful_eye from Atletico EL semi-final and final games, to put us in the mood for Super Cup with Inter on Friday!


EL final - crazy goal celebrations are crazy!!!

Winners of EL!
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    News AFC Bournemouth can confirm that midfielder David Brooks has been diagnosed with Hodgkin Lymphoma.…

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