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~la celeste~ picspam

Mini-intro you can also find in the post:
This was supposed to be an excuse to picspam los celestes in suits. Somewhere in between my massive collective of pictures and sitting down with photoshop to do it, I got an idea. I wanted something more, Nací Celeste (I was born Skyblue) it’s both a poem of sorts and a song from one of the sponsors of the NT. And it’s a FUCKING GREAT SONG. It sums up, imho, a lot of what La celeste and being Celeste means. And probably why this makes the 4th place so important for us, and why mostly, these ~kids~ have become role models and inspiration for a whole country. So, I kind of decided to combine both ideas, so that this picspam was just a bit more.

This is not the song, this is the ~talked~ part of the ads. I’ll put the lyrics in English on top of the image :D Translation bluntly stolen from fuckyeahceleste and might add something once in a while in between ♥ I hope you enjoy it and gives you a bit of an inside to this gorgeous, pretty, lovable team~

The picspam is here :DDD.
((I'm pretty sure that I have seen other picspams being linked away from the comm, but if it's necessary that I put it here, let me know so that I copy&paste :D)) eta: adding it here. :D Spanish version on the original link :D

And yes, I know WC ended like more than a month ago. I like being ~nostalgic~ (and mostly, RL kept me from posting before XD)

I was born with my heart tied to my shoes.

I was born pushed by the greatness of my elders.

I was born cradled by football.

I was born in a place where a lot (of girls) are called Victoria (victory) and other Celeste

I personally love the double meaning of this quote. Personally, is one of the parts I love the most about it, true to be told. We know many girls got called Victoria, Celeste or even Victoria Celeste (Celeste Victory!) during this World Cup. But I also like the hidden meaning, my interpretation of it, the way it just applies in many ways to Uruguay’s Victory. There’s a phrase that says “el que quiera Celeste, que le cueste” that basically reflects on the fact that we like winning when everything is against us and in the last minute and with problems. So, basically I like the idea that some victories are just that, but some are more special, some are celestes and some, might not even be victories at all (ned-uru, for example) and yet, still feel like that. ♥

I was born in a country where football makes it bigger and behind football, the soul gets greater.

Fundación Celeste

I was born in a world that awarded us with glory.

I was born with history.

feat. Uruguay NT 1930 & 1950 world cup winners + First WC stadium~

I was born drinking the harsh cup of defeat and enjoying the sweetness of victory.

I was born with the yell of "goal" between my teeth.

I was born dreaming that a group of friends could move a country and unsettle (in a good way) the world

I was born screaming Uruguay nomá (go Uruguay!)

I was born dreaming that this day would come.

I was born Celeste.

Yo, vids~~
(This is the one used for the picspam)

& the song:

translation here (also, lol forlan looking very much a kiddie~~ XD).

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