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Well now... Apparently there's a new sex scandal in town.
After France and England now it's Germany's turn...

It all started after Christian Lell made a strange little statement in German 'society magazines' "die Bunte" and "Bild" about Michael Ballack.
This came after he took a period of 3 months off, where he did not even play soccer to sort out a few personal issues and where he was separated from his girlfriend Daniela Aumeier.
Daniela by the way is the same girl that dated Bastian Schweinsteiger for a long time before he met his current girl Sarah.

What Christian has said was that his break also had to do with Michael Ballack, that he took things too far.
"Not everybody is like Michael Ballack, who believes he can do anything he wants, he steps into the private lives of others and destroys things without having a second thought. But maybe that's the way you think when you're DFB captain."

And that is all he's saying now as he and his girl, who he's with again, are expecting a baby in 3 months time. He says he'll talk about it in the future, just not right now... What a tease!

In the meantime Ballack's wife has been calling the Lell residence to ask him what he's talking about, but he's telling her to ask her husband...

Edited to add: It reminds me a bit of the whole Metzelder impregnating Marcell Jansens girl a while ago. Let's hope Micha isn't the daddy...

Sources 1, 2 and 3 (Two German sources and a Dutch one)
Tags: bastian schweinsteiger, gossip, it's a fucking disgrace!, leftovers, michael ballack, nt: germany, oh no they didn't!, oic

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