Sarah i have more money than you perez. (sol_superstar) wrote in ontd_football,
Sarah i have more money than you perez.

DOC WE'VE GONE BACK IN TIME! No Marty, it's just another VB pregnancy rumour.

They could have used a more flattering photo...

It's been a while since we've had a Victoria Beckham pregnancy rumour so we're about due one! An Australian weekly magazine is reporting that Victoria is pregnant with her fourth child after deciding to really go for that baby girl Beckham.

According to the magazine, the new baby has "saved" the couple's marriage and they decided to wait till David's career slowed down a bit so they could bring up the child together and thus, bringing them close together…

However, a some of the British press, for example Grazia and OK magazine have already rubbished the claims, with Grazia even counting "a source close to Victoria" quoting that the story is nonsense.

Baby or not, we haven't had a Victoria post on ontd_football, or even a WAG post, for a while…. Plus the Beckhams have already shown us that their DNA makes adorable children.

UPDATE: Victoria's reps have denied the rumours :(

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Tags: baller babies, david beckham, rumour!!!

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