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When will this pain be over?

Huang admits he is not backed by China but claims £450m is in place

The Chinese businessman seeking to to take over Liverpool categorically denied last night that the Chinese state government was financing the bid in any way, though he insisted that he would table between £400m and £450m to secure the club's future.

Kenny Huang's declaration was accompanied by an acknowledgment that the consortium of investors he has gathered does not have the funds to relocate Liverpool immediately to a new stadium
and that he cannot say when that vital move might happen. Huang made his position clear after the Chinese government faced a barrage of questions from taxpayers wanting to know why state finance was being spent on a football club through the Chinese Investment Corporation (CIC).

In what appears to be raise another doubt about the Chinese bid, Huang's representatives were unable to say last night whether the search for investors to secure the sum of near £400m is actually complete, and The Independent also understands that Huang does not believe the deal will be sealed by the time the transfer window closes on 31 August. Liverpool's non-executive chairman Martin Broughton said earlier this week that he wanted the sale concluded by then.


So like, y'know, inb4 "wat iz dis ontd_liverpool or sumfin?" comments. The Huang bid, if it was ever even really on the cards, looks pretty unlikely now. I guess we have to ~hope and pray that there are things going on behind the scenes that aren't being reported. The sooner H + G bugger off, the sooner I can get that yummy away shirt. Cheers then.

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