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another Barca post.. hehehe
mods if you feel like it's too much, as per usual, just delete lol

Turnin' up the heat in Seoul

Warning: this post contains lots and lots of sexy photos and may not be suitable for people who get heart attacks too easily

No really, i'm totally serious.

First training session in Asia

Ooooh Lio

Dani's ready

Sweet baby jesus

Pinto demonstrates to Ibra how to take the bitchface to a new level

...like he needs any lessons

i joke

Show 'em, Boss

Lio seems to have found a new favourite stretch

Training focuses on physical

The players were back to work in Seoul on Tuesday in a training session with the emphasis very much on the physical aspect. However, Alves, Messi and Adriano spent part of the session exercising separately from the main group.
On arriving in the capital of South Korea, the players were treated to a relatively light training session to overcome the effects of the long flight. However, on Tuesday, manager Pep Guardiola decided the players were ready to return to the same type of training routine they had been following in Barcelona.

The weather was hot but the sky was cloudy, producing rather uncomfortable humid conditions (yup, welcome to Asia) – not unlike the weather in recent days in Barcelona. The players worked out for about 90 minutes, starting with exercises to strengthen the calf muscle.

Circuits and shooting practice
The toughest part of Tuesday’s session centred on circuit training combined with ball control and shooting, with Pinto, Oier and Miño taking turns in goal. Meanwhile, on another part of the training grounds, Messi, Alves and Adriano did specific work designed to ease them back to full fitness. For Messi and Alves it was their second training session together with the rest of their team-mates.

Practice matches
The final part of the session was dedicated to practice matches played on a reduced pitch. Alves, Adriano and Messi rejoined the main group for this part of the session to work on pressing and recovering possession. The session finished with the usual stretching exercise.

Welcome FC Barcelona
The players were greeted in this first public session by the words ‘Welcome FC Barcelona’ on the video scoreboards of the Bucheon Stadium, but the stands were empty. However, the afternoon session should attract plenty of people from the various sponsors.

The 28 players will train again later in the day in the Sangam World Cup Stadium, the match venue.

Continuing on with the eye-sex

Lio teaches his new stretch to Gabi

O.O *gulps*
cue clit boner

What in the name of...
is that a pole they are strapped to....?!

Hai thur tattoo peeping out of Dani's family jewel area

The english bosses are very english boss


game face, Dani

Extra gym training
After the session, a large group of players – including Maxwell, Adriano, Ibrahimovic, Alves, Keita, Pinto, Abidal, Armando, Muniesa, Sergi Gomez, Victor Vazquez, Sergi Roberto, Victor Sanchez and Jonathan Dos Santos - stayed behind in the gym to work on their individual programmes.

The yum continues


lol does everyone love this machine or whut

Working on those gunsz

"Bitch, puh-leeze, is that the best you can do......"


I mean, i know he's serving his country and all, but after seeing these photos i really wish Bojan went on the tour damnit :(
i mean can you imagine

[tomato sauce]
although really isn't it obvious :p
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