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Cristiano Ronaldo addressed the media following Real Madrid's first training session in Los Angeles.

"We are very excited and working very hard. We have to keep this level of excitement up in order to win titles."

"Raul was always an important player to Real Madrid. He made the decision that best suited his interests. He is a great professional and I'm sure he will play at a very high level."

"I already knew Mourinho well. His training sessions are spectacular. They have great intensity. We are all very happy to have him. We don't feel tired because we are extremely motivated."

"Mourinho is a winner. Real Madrid has attacking players, so we will be an offensive team. The priority right now is to get back in shape as soon as possible."

"I would like to have the number '7' shirt and I'm sure Raul would be happy if I had it because he knows how I am and how I think."

"Barcelona were more regular than us last year, but we are not worried about what they may do this season. I'm sure we will have a better run this year. If I actually believed we couldn't defeat Barcelona I would be home instead of here."

"All great players are welcome here and we will greet them the best way we know how. All the summer signings are very good."

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