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~fashin meets football again~

I hope this post is okay! Not sure what to tag it with though. It seems that Chelsea's three year deal with Armani is up, and yesterday, they unveiled their new ~designer collaboration~.

Pic from club website.

From Chelsea's offical website: (link)


Chelsea hosted an array of journalists from the fashion world last night as we officially opened the new Dolce&Gabbana Lounge at Stamford Bridge.

The iconic Italian fashion house has designed the new Directors' Lounge in the West Stand and held a cocktail party inside our west London home to celebrate the launch.

Michael Essien, John Mikel Obi, Daniel Sturridge, Henrique Hilario and Fabio Borini all attended the event and donned the new Dolce&Gabanna club suit.

Cocktails were made up from Dolce&Gabbana's exclusive Martini Gold, a collaboration between the design duo and the drinks maker, while canapés were handed around the sleekly designed lounge.

'The room looks amazing, I'm really impressed with it, I didn't realise it would look so good,' said Sturridge.

'Dolce&Gabbana are top class designers, everybody knows them world-wide and it's beneficial for the club that we have a brand on the same level as we are.

'We are one of the biggest clubs in the world and they are one of the biggest brands, so we'll be able to make the club stand out as it should, it's a really good partnership,' he added.

The main theme inside the new lounge has been created with clean, crisp design in the Dolce&Gabbana style and includes brand new materials and details.

Walls, furniture and fittings have all been created in blue which is in contrast to the steel of the chairs and the sofa, to the oak wooden floors and to the gold and silver of the picture frames.

All five players were also impressed with the new club suits: 'It is very nice, I like it very much,' said Hilario, 'it is one of my favourite brands and all the players like it. Saying that, it's not about the brand, it's about the quality, and this has a lot of quality.'

Mikel added: 'I love it, it looks really good. It's a different look for me and I like it a lot, I might start dressing like this all the time.

'I need to start wearing some shoes, suits and ties, because it looks so good! I am really pleased with it.

'I do wear Dolce&Gabbana, I wear the jeans a lot, t-shirts and shirts, but I have never bought a suit. I will now!'


And another article from Styleite

Chelsea Football Club To Be Decked Out By D&G

Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana are no strangers to the soccer field — or to its locker room, for that matter — but until now, they’d only made clothes for Italian athletics franchises. But WWD reports that the design duo has signed a three-year contract to outfit England’s Chelsea Football Club.

The deal has the designers outfitting the team with two sets of clothing — a dark blue three-piece suit with the club’s crest on the jacket and a casual look, with jeans, a black shirt and trainers. They’ll also make a black overcoat for the guys on the team.

In addition to the clothes, the designers redesigned the club’s director’s lounge at West London’s Stamford Bridge stadium.

“We are really happy about this partnership and to be able to link our name to such a prestigious club like Chelsea,” [they said] in a statement.

“Football players are style icons both on and off the pitch, and, on top of this, there is our love of England and of London, which has always been a source of inspiration for our work.”

The team’s staff will also get outfitted — head coach Carlo Ancelotti and the team’s male and female executives will get suits and accessories like a blue calfskin briefcase, black leather shoes (pumps for the ladies, natch), and tie pins.

The look is a lot more covered up than some of D&G’s past partnerships with football teams, but we’re betting that at some point before the three years is up, the designers will have photographed the guys in nothing but their underwear.

Comment: Not a Chelsea fan but have to admit the staff uniforms sound really snazzy!

edit: More obsessive-compulsive linking, all on the same thing

Dolce & Gabbana's website on the collaboration (unfortunately, no pictures)

Article on the Telegraph

Two outfits were created for the players: the dark blue suit, featuring the lion rampant reguardant crest embroidered on the pocket of the two-button jacket, and worn with a dark blue shirt, dark blue jacquard tie, black shoes and belt; and a pair of five-pocket, blue denim jeans with a button-down blue poplin ‘Martini’ shirt, and black calfskin trainers. A black wool/cashmere coat, with peak lapels completes the wardrobe. Players and staff will also be equipped with a blue leather trolley-case with Dolce & Gabbana metal tag.

The Dolce & Gabbana Directors’ Lounge will also feature walls, furniture and details in blue, with oak floors and gold and silver accents.

Comment: Have to say I am pleased they get luggage that sounds cool. I'VE HAD IT WITH MONOGRAMS.

The Jada Styles Blog has really nice pictures! ('s some London boutique partly owned by Drogba, the opening of which was attended by some Chelsea players [also, I think we're starting to get an idea of who the fashpack in Chelsea are...])

The lounge

Casual wear sketch

Formal wear sketch

Similar to first pic but slightly different

edit #2: LOL JUST REALISED. In that Jada Styles Boutique opening article, there's this bit about Chelsea players drinking peach martinis.

Guests included Kalou, Ivanovic, Anelka, Essien and Hilario and there were peach martinis for everyone. "Didier made sure everybody had a good time," says our spy.


edit #3: Okay I was intrigued, so I went to look up that Jada Styles boutique thing, and this is the most detailed article I found on it.

Chelsea players attend the Jada Styles Launch Party

This article was first published in Sensazn Magazine.

The official launch party of the Jada’s Styles Boutique went off with impressive flair on Tuesday 4th May at the new Menswear Fashion Boutique on the Kings Road.

The launch of the Boutique, which is part owned by Chelsea footballer Didier Drogba and Jada Pollock, stylist to many premiership footballers, attracted many celebrities including GMTV’s Lizzie Cundy, former Mis-Teeq’s Su-Elise Nash and designer to the stars, Ozwald Boatang.

Many of Drogba’s teammates were also in attendance at the launch party including Nicolas Anelka, Saloman Kalou, Michael Essien, Henrique Hilario, Paulo Ferreira, Branislav Ivanovic as well as Arsenal player Bacary Sagna amongst others.

Guests were able to choose from a variety of drinks including pink martinis and Cosmopolitans, which were provided by Drinks on Us, whilst Fakhreldine served Lebanese canapés and Lurduree[correction: Laduree] constructed a giant football macaroon cake for the event.

Guests were also treated to luxurious goodie bags worth approximately £600 which were filled with treats provided by Nialaya Bracelets, Annick Goutal perfume, Day Passes to Chelsea Club Gym, Philipp Plein T-Shirts as well as a voucher giving discount for Yiannimize bespoke cars.

Following the launch party guests made their way to Willa’s exclusive members only nightclub which hosted the after party for the event and rounded off an entertaining and successful evening for Didier Drogba and Jada Pollock.



edit #4: I did some more googling, and found a set of pics from the Jada Styles launch party in May! Here are the pics: (SAUCE)

Kalou and owner of boutique, Jada Pollock

It being the London scene, some Arsenal footballers also came out to play...

Djourou and Sagna

OK, maybe it's time to start spamming with pics of ~football and fashion~?
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