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New anime style video from the guys who made the Forlán animation

First, there was this video, done in a couple of days to celebrate Forlán's Golden Ball. It was so successful that the two people who made it decided to make more!

This one is about the match URUGUAY-FRANCE.

On avant la musique! / There's 11 gentlemen on the field / And many others waiting to get in / Fixing the strategy (with Tití among the substitutes) / The one who's humble and brave is honorable / Tour Eiffel, baguette, Coco Chanel / Lodeiro carton rouge / Liberté, fraternité, egalité (equality) on the score board / We didn't really play (well) in the debut / We know we always draw

I liked the first video better, but this match was probably one of the most boring ones, so I hope they will make more videos because things would become more interesting for sure.

For those who don't get the joke, this is made by anime fans. Here in Uruguay a whole generation grew up watching a football cartoon called "Captain Tsubasa", and these Uruguay videos are a homage as well as a sort of parody of the style of that anime (watch the opening of the old Captain Tsubasa cartoon here). In that series the matches were very epic, the field seemed to be really big, weird things were happening, etc.

The animators said they would make more videos, one for every match Uruguay played in this WC, if enough people liked them and if they don't get confronted by copyright issues.

If you want to show your support, you can leave a message on the official youtube of the director of the videos so that we can get more!
Tags: diego forlan, lol, luis suarez, nt: uruguay, video

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