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Mano Menezes to be Brazil manager

Wow, its been messy for Brazil trying to find a replacement for Dunga as Brazil manager. With Leonardo and Scolari previously frontrunning, over the last week, it seemed to come down to2 men from within Brazil – Mano Menezes and Muricy Ramalho, the coaches of respectively, Corinthians and Fluminense.

Menezes had previously become the frontrunner, but then out of nowhere, Ramalho seemed to be confirmed as manager. Except Fluminense wouldn’t release him from his contract (which has two years left to run) and now, Menezes is back in the frame, he’s expected to formally accept the job offer in a press conference this afternoon.

So what do we know about Mano Menezes?

For a start he is obviously Brazilian, despite whispers that Brazil would consider someone from abroad. He’s been in club management since 1997, in Brazil. He’s achieved much on the domestic scene, and importantly has a reputation for rebuilding – he’s pulled both Gremio and Corinthians two big names in Brazil, up from lower leagues back into the top division.

Its a big job at the best of times, but with Brazil hosting the 2014 World Cup (first time they’ve been hosts since 1950, where they famously lost in the final), the pressure could not be higher. Whoever is manager, Brazil will be expected to win a World Cup on home turf. Its going to be fascinating to watch it play out


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