I used to lock myself in your bathroom (ginevrawp) wrote in ontd_football,
I used to lock myself in your bathroom

This sport is stupid anyway

Hosts Rosanna Scotto and Greg Kelly begin the train wreck by telling Henry that he had just won the World Cup. And the interview seems to get worse from there with Scotto seemingly slowing down her words for Henry to understand her despite the fact that Henry speaks and under stands English incredibly well.

The hosts of the “Good Day New York” TV show then make even more fools of them­selves by talking about how Americans love “big scores” and “blowouts,” while trying to make a joke that a 3–0 score line is a “blowout” in soccer.

Scotto then ad libs and starts talking about the “horns” (i.e. vuvuzelas).

It’s obvious that Scotto and Kelly didn’t do their home work before interviewing Henry. To have one of the biggest soccer stars in the world on your show but then not even give him the courtesy of asking intelligent questions is a travesty. Yes, the TV show is a morning program, which is typically the bottom of the barrel when it comes to television shows. But still, you would have expected Henry to be treated with a little more dignity and respect than this horrible interview.

Fair play to Henry for remaining calm during the interview and answering the ques­tions with a humility that a lot of other sports stars wouldn’t have been able to carry.

No wonder soccer gets a bad rap in US especially when you have morons like Scotto and Kelly on the show, or when you have TV news programs that can’t tell the difference between South Africa and South America.


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