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mod/maude/mawd post

-use the tags! the brightest minds of the comm all came together to make them lolzy and relevant so it's all ;_; when the posts don't have tags because then how will people look for things more easily?

-content fatigue: basically, y'all don't have to post every little thing that happens with regard to cescgate, ronaldo's baby or the spanish NT on vacation. seriously. unless the baby starts shitting gold or fabregas announces that he's retiring and giving money away to spurs fans to atone for making us miserable or something MAJUH like that try to chill with those topics.

-use the lj-cut: just use the damn thing for multiple photos, or at least resize the one massive picture into something a little smaller.

-i'm gonna be blunt here, some of you have been leaving some questionable comments and i feel this is something one should learn at 11 but w/e, let me say it: gay is not another word for bad/stupid/ugly. quit it.

ps now it's a real mod post
Tags: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, :|, =======‹() brrrrrRRRRrrrRrr !!!, ballers trippin' balls, clit boner, epic, huh huh huh, i actually need the toilet, i love you all, i think i like girls now, i would hit that so hard, if the footie career doesn't work out..., mod post, pornography, queefarse

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