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Grab your popcorn, girls and toys...


It's ONTD_Football's first ever Movie Night!
Get some popcorn, a pickle, and fizzy pop and let's party.

So this is how it's going to work.
Tonight it's on Youtube so it'll be accessible and easy. All you have to do is watch the bits in a new tab/window, watch, enjoy and talk about anything you see/whatever catches your eye along the ride. This will hopefully make us a better community and hey, that's gonna do some good in the long run. Plus, this is a hell of a lot of fun.
(There won't be a download tonight, though.)

Direct link.. 

Only start watching at 21:00 GMT/UTC so we're all on the same page. 
Here's our chat page- www.tinychat.com/ontdfootballmovie 

We'll be watching Bend it like Beckham next week. Continuation after that depends on the success of these two nights so be on your best behaiviour. : ))

Have fun!! : )
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