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Sergio Ramos visits Senegal

World Cup Winner & Real Madrid Player Sergio Ramos is on a Humanitarian visit to Senegal on july 16th. He visited the area as a "friend for UNICEF Spain" .He is also accompanied by his older brother Rene. He visited Health projects taking place in Thies(70 kms from capital of Senegal,Dakar), Kayar & Pout.

Ramos will also be visiting Social Samu Ouakam, which is on the outskirts of Dakar. IT is a center for assistance and reintegration of street children that provides first aid victims of violence, exploitation , disease & malnutrition , as well as schools in Koranic Guediawaye , A suburb of the capital

Sergio is also planning to attend a football match between the children from Guediawaye who were part of the building program for children from disadvantaged backgrounds

As of now he has visited Pout & was greeted by many children with most of them wearing a shirt with Sergio's face on it (awwww!) . He went on to visit a UNICEF center that holds nutrition programs  & also works as a center for mothers & babied. Sergio helped in weighing a newborn child , fed some other babies (cuteness overload!!) & administered some vaccinations .

Sergio expressed his happiness at being able to cooperate with the organization to help the people of Senegal. He was also pleasantly surprised by his popularity there, both as a Real Madrid player and as a recent World Cup winner. He said, “I’m happy to be here and help you all with my presence. I hope your living conditions get better quickly.”

As he visited Kayar , he was told that a mother had named her newborn twins Sergio & Rene. Both of them held the babies for a few moments.

The next stop was Keur Abdou Ndoye, where Sergio reassured the staff of UNICEF that he was perfectly comfortable with how the trip was progressing, and that the multitude of hugs he was receiving did not bother him. He insisted that he wanted to see everything, to know everything and to have contact with children. Sergio will be in Senegal till  Sunday.


Sergio with Sergio

Credit to Marca, 
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