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World Cup 2010 Pictures, Images and Photos

The prank played by Puyol and Pique to Cesc Fabregas, by putting on a Barca shirt on him, left evidence to the cynicism of Spanish football
. There on the stage, 3 boys drunk on alcohol (and euphoria) showed everyone that the Spanish League is a party for certain people.

The Italian Team showed in 2006 that you can be world champion even with a corrupt league and a terrible game. This year, "La Roja" held up the Cup with a noble and estetic football, but the "spanish football model" represents the consolidation of the inequality between the rich and the poor (in sports version) 

The spanish selection put on field 7 Barcelona players. This data is not a simple anecdote, or an innocent twitter statistic of MisterChip.

The spanish league distributes money from the televisation in a simple way: 150 million euros for the Barca, another similar figure for Real Madrid, and the rest of the clubs get around 15-30 million. The inequal distribution of money was reflected on the final positions of the 2009-2010 tournament. The 2 rich clubs got around 30 points of distance to the third one on the board.

So, there are 2 models. The barcelona is dedicated to recolect the stars of local football, while RM is dedicated to recolect Galacticos.

Some optimistic person might suggest, then, that the rest of the clubs in the world should follow the example of the Barca, with beautiful and national football, that supports itself in a powerful and efficient institution. But that's not the case either. Even with the uneven handout of money, the Barcelona solicited in June a 189 million euros credit to pay their players. But that doesnt stop them from buying David Villa or make gestures for Cesc Fabregas.

The rebelion of the small clubs in Spain against the spanish model is imminent and not even the world cup euophoria managed to stop it. In a facebook group, you can find information about this war of all the poor against the 2 rich (RM and Barca). Even a Sevilla technic revealed that there is discussion about a League without the Barca or RM.

I translated this myself so sorry for any errors.
Source: http://www.fanaticos.com/2010/07/14/modelo-futbol-espanol/
Talks about a League without Barca and Real: http://www.marca.com/2010/06/29/futbol/equipos/sevilla/1277812341.html?a=0e9d1ca49ab04a4b909b8a60bf5d6ae6&t=1277847828


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