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Álvaro del Bosque


For those of you that don’t know, Álvaro del Bosque is the second child of Vicente del Bosque. He was born on Aug. 6, 1989 and has Down’s syndrome. His father says of that time, “in the beginning, we cried a lot. Now, looking back, we realize what idiots we were.”

There were some very touching moments involving Álvaro yesterday (and before), so I wanted to write about those!

Yesterday, we saw Álvaro receive his father at La Moncloa (La Moncloa is the office of the president of Spain. JLRZ had invited him there so he could be the first one to greet the players) and the rest of the team. He was wearing a blue shirt with the number “6″ on the back, with his last name above that. He later put on another one with his first name on it (you can see it on the right of the picture above being held up by Xavi). Álvaro also got to lift up the trophy. I love how happy everyone looks in the picture! And when he heard shouts of “¡viva España!,” he responded with “¡viva mi padre!”

VDB had promised his son that he could ride on the autobus with the players, and so he did. Álvaro was also present for the party at the Explanada del Rey later on that night, and was seen talking a lot to Xavi.

Álvaro is one of his father’s biggest critics. When VDB was coach of Madrid, he kept complaining to his father that Iker Casillas shouldn’t be left on the bench (smart boy!). He also insisted that his father take Dani Güiza to the World Cup, and was very mad when he found out that he wasn’t going. During his time in South Africa – the del Bosque family spent 10 days there in the beginning and returned for the final – he became an ardent supporter of Fernando Llorente and Javi Martínez, because he went on a safari with them and their family members and ended up really liking them.

soo i know this isn't about a footballer but i thought it was relevant and tbh, super sweet. i kind of cried a lot reading it :( (don't judge me, i'm on my period ok.)

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