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A Historical La Liga Post

With the World Cup coming to a close, and club season right around the corner, I've noticed some people here saying they don't know who to follow, Barcelona or Real Madrid. Well guess what?? There are 18 other teams to choose from in La Liga! Here, I've made a short introduction for each team, including the newest promoted members. Warning! If you don't like to read, this post is probably not for you. Also, there aren't any pictures :( Feel free to add them in the comments, though! I mean we hardly get posts about Aitor Ocio, so I expect to see his fine ass in the comments.

Just a couple things:
I tried to steer clear of the politics. That discussion almost always ends messy.
Contrary to popular belief, teams that have 'Real' in their name, aren't the real teams, and everyone else is fake. This means that sometime in their history, they were marked by Spanish Royalty. You can also tell who these teams are by a crown in the crest.
The order of the teams is how they finished last year, with Barcelona first and the three that were promoted last
This post explains how La Liga works
If you still have questions, feel free to ask them! There are enough La Liga followers in here to help you out
If I got something wrong, let me know.

I kept my bias to a minimum...seriouslyCollapse )

Source: google, wiki, my brain, my twitter friends, oleole, la liga weekly, anais_molko , etc., probably random people in this community too.
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