Sarah i have more money than you perez. (sol_superstar) wrote in ontd_football,
Sarah i have more money than you perez.

This is a srs bzns mod post.

Ok, just a few things really.

Firstly, yes I am a mod. Hello, I'm the one who's been deleting tons the posts. Nice to meet you.

One the subjects of posts, I need to clarify a few things; PLEASE PLEASE check the front of ontd_football just before you submit your post. This will eliminate a lot of duplicate posts.

Also, we don't need 2984283712390127 "appreciation spams" for each NT a day. We don't even need one a day. Please cut down on the amount of spams por favor. ONE FOR EACH TEAM on the match day is fine.

Another point, as much as I love you guys, I don't really care if other people on the comm have indirectly annoyed you. If it's a personal attack, that's something different, however.
Please refrain from posting personal LJ type entries on here. I trust you guys to be the decider on what makes a good post but please bare in mind we will delete posts that are pointless.

Lastly, play nice.
Tags: mod post

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