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Maradona lashing out from the emotions

Argentina national team coach Diego Maradona had an altercation with German fans after the end of the match that marked the elimination of said team from the 2010 South Africa World Cup.

Apparently upset over post game celebrations by fans located behind the Argentinean bench, Maradona approached and scolded them, until Dalma, one of his daughters, entered the field and contained him.

It's a shame the man who has entertained us all over the last few weeks with his exuberance and delightful antics had to get involved in something like this. He would go on to say that this loss was "the most disappointing moment in my life" which shows just how devastated he must have been as he walked off the pitch and saw German fans in red and yellow wigs partying like it's Oktoberfest in July right behind him. A sad end for the most interesting man of the tournament. Or anywhere else.

Taken from another article:

“This is the most disappointing moment in my life,” Maradona said in a humbled press conference. “This is really like a kick in the face. I have no more energy for anything.”

“Just complete sad[ness],” he said. “The day I stopped playing football was similar. This sadness is very strong. It’s tough. It’s tough because … we all had this goal, this dream. And we were just thinking of winning over Germany and the opposite happened.

“I lived through this in [the 1982 World Cup] as a player. But I was a boy and I didn’t really realize the importance of things today. Today, I am 50 years old in October, and I am mature."

If you want to read more from this article, click source 3. There's a lot more to it that I just didn't want to mention because it was all about Germany. However, I'm more interested in what Maradona said to these German fans.

source 1
source 2
source 3

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