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Outgoing French Football Federation president Jean-Pierre Escalettes believes Nicolas Anelka should never play for his national side again.

The Chelsea striker was disgracefully sent home during the World Cup by Raymond Domenech after he refused to apologise for his half-time dressing-room bust up with the former coach.

This event triggered a mutiny within the French camp, with players refusing to train in support of Anelka.

Les Blues went on to lose their final group game against hosts South Africa.

Escalettes, who resigned from his post in the wake of France’s woeful campaign, was speaking to the Cultural Affairs Committee of the National Assembly, which has held an inquest into France’s disastrous World Cup tournament.

“Neither I nor my successor, nor the future coach will forget what happened and everyone will ensure that he can not play for France," Escalettes said at the meeting.

Escalettes found out about the dressing-room incident during France’s second World Cup game against Mexico from reading L’Equipe.

"As soon as I knew, and having made a minimum of checks - a player told me that the remarks were worse than reported - I immediately punished the perpetrator of this insult," he said.

Domenech, who was also at the hearing, was required to explain why he refused to shake the hand of South Africa coach Carlos Alberto Parreira following their defeat.

At the time, Domenech said he was reacting to Parreira’s comments regarding Thierry Henry’s handball against Ireland, which helped them to qualify for the tournament.

"The whole of France being well-meaning and so quick to make moral found no fault with the accusations of Mr Parreira," said Domenech.

"It is important for me to defend the image of the France team. I probably did not measure the negative media coverage of my gesture.

"I probably should have told him directly and discreetly."

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