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Gerard Pique – El País Q&A

  1. Q:  Can you recommend to me a food shack on the beach?

    A:  That’s secret.

  2. Q:  Would you ban bullfighting?

    A:  It’s not something that I have spent a lot of time thinking about.

  3. Q:  What gets on your nerves?

    A:  Lies, when the weakest are taken advantage of.

  4. Q:  Do you know what a scrum is?

    A:  No.

  5. Q:  Do you remember what was your first kiss like?


    • A:  Yes, but that’s quite personal.

    • Q:  What do you play on Play?

      A:  Many things.

    • Q:  Nesquik or Cola Cao?

      A:  Nesquik.

    • Q:  How many watches do you own?

      A:  Not a lot.

    • Q:  What were your first boots like?

      A:  Nike.

    • Q:  How long has it been since you went to the circus?

      A:  A few months ago.  When I was small, I went every year.   With my grandparents.  I like it a lot.

    • Q:  How long does the pregnancy of a whale last?

      A:  It depends, about 20 months.

    • Q:  Do you know who Katalinski was?

      A:  What do you think?
    • Q:  Who did you ask for an autograph when you were a kid?

      A:  Guardiola, Luis Enrique, Ronaldo… My grandfather was a director of Barcelona.

    • Q:  Do you know who wrote Saber perder?

      A:  David Trueba.

    • Q:  Why have shows with midgets in the bullfighting ring in Zaragoza been prohibited?

      A:  I don’t know.  The only thing I can say is that I don’t like it when people with disabilities or handicaps are made fun of.

    • Q:  Which player has kicked you the most?

      A:  I receive elbows.

    • Q:  What do you think about the decision of the Constitutional Court on the Estatut [the Statute of Autonomy of Cataluña]?

      A:  I haven’t kept up with that.

    • Q:  What year did apartheid end?

      A:  In 1990?

    • Q:  What was the name of Pippi Longstocking’s horse?

      A:  Juan Manuel Pérez.  How would I know?  I watched Oliver and Benji, maki!

    • Q:  Have you been able to get a reservation at elBulli?

      A:  No.  But if I don’t get my act together, I won’t be able to eat there.  They’re closing, no?

    • Q:  If it weren’t for the World Cup, why would you go to South Africa?

      A:  To visit an extraordinary country.

    • Q:  What does your town have that Johannesburg doesn’t?

      A:  The beach nearby, a Mediterranean climate, people that I love, L’Hostal de la Plaça, Can Rin…

    • Q:  How many years was Mandela imprisoned?

      A:  26, I think.  He got out in 1990.

    • Q:  Do you know what an Afrikaner is?

      A:  A white South African.

    • Q:  How many diapers have you changed in your life?

      A:  Me?  None!

    • Q:  Does a lion or a hippo kill more people?

      A:  The hippo.

    • Q:  What is the World Cup ball called?

      A:  Jabulani.  It’s awful.

    • Q:  Why have you won the porra of the team?

      A:  Because I understand it.

    • Q:  To be a Spanish international, do you have to know how to play pocha (a card game)?

      A:  No, but it’s advisable to know how.

    • Q:  Do you know where del Bosque was born?

      A:  In Salamanca.

    • Q:  What position did Xabi Alonso’s father play?

      A:  How would I know?  His son is a crack, so he should have been a good footballer.

      tbh, I'm a bit surprised that he refused to answer the first kiss question. Boy is full of surprises.


      PK thanks you for your time.



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