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I may switch off and go in a daydream...

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I was bored and thought I could share...

Hello, ladies!

Although this community is the best proof of the fact that women can and MUST LOVE FOOTBALL, there are still some lads that refuse to see the beauty within this amazing sport.

This are three POWERFUL reasons why WOMEN HATE FOOTBALL:




This is my favorite one. I guess it reminds me of my mom getting angry because I'd rather watch football than help with the house chores :P


Would you rather watch your team play or have sex?
Probably some of you have already seen them, but I was bored and thought I could share.
Tbh, I'll never get why some women hate football so much. Crazy people, I guess.

Credit goes to my amazing gooner friend Claudia :) 

Quick unrelated question: Does anyone know which team is sponsored by Northern Rock and has a yellow jersey? Mistery solved.
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