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Could Becks be a possible replacement for Capello?

Two men wore suits on the England bench yesterday as the team crashed out of the World Cup following a 4-1 defeat by a ruthlessly efficient German team in Bloemfontein.

One was the head coach, Fabio Capello, the other the head cheerleader, David Beckham.

The injured former captain looked every inch a manager yesterday as he harangued Uruguayan referee Jorge Larrionda at half-time for not allowing Frank Lampard's equaliser.

With his sleeves rolled up, Beckham was playing every ball and sweating every sinew as England, frankly, flopped on the biggest stage.

Capello insisted it was his idea to take Goldenballs' Beckham to the World Cup. His role has never clearly been defined. Rio Ferdinand spoke glowingly about the influence he was having on the squad in the build-up to the tournament but still the suspicion remained that he was only there to help our 2018 World Cup bid.

More of this stuff.. plus a David Beckham picspam..Collapse )

Just a note, Capello and Becks.. BAMFs you don't want to mess with..

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