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I'm bringing you Italian WAG gossip!


Yesterday i heard that Antonio Cassano got married and I found some pics of the happy day.
Since the World Cup can bring ~the dramaz, i thought that a happy post that makes us dream of one day being fabulous WAGs could be nice.

Her name is Carolina Marciales and she's a waterpolo player.
The wedding was at San Martino de Portofino's church on the 19th of June.
The happy couple are spending their honeymoon in Fidgi.

I hate this tradition, that won't happen in my wedding. It hurts and you find rice on your clothes/hair/body 48h later. (And no, I don't know it because I've been married, but because my 5 year old cousin had so much fun throwing rice at me instead of at the bride and groom at the last wedding I attended.)

Aww! I think they look cute and happy together. LOL @ the scary looking dude right behind Cassano giving a threatening look if someone dares to throw moar rice and ruins his hair.

Here goes the scary dude again. He doesn't even needs weapons to protect Cassano, he's like Medusa, one look and BAM!! you're a motherfucking stone!!
Ah, Cassano's suit is nice and classy, i approve.

Unfortunate angle is unfortunate, but I think she's really beautiful and her dress is lovely. I wish we could see the shoes, though.
By the end of the event, they found at least 7 statues and one paparazzi with arms of stone.

I still need a better look at the shoes!!!! :(


Cassano will always make me laugh.
Never forget:

And his autobiography (maybe that could be the book we could chose for the collective ontd_football reading? ahahahaha) and the story of the 700 lovers always cracks me up.

I would not marry Cassano himself, but I'm jealous!! I also wanna be a WAG!!! :(

Also, mmh this was happening while his NT was failing at the WC! I'm still sad about it! :(
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