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i am also going to make an information kiosk post but this one is less funny or smart

Okie doke, like I said before, a lot of people have joined recently, and for so many people, there really haven't been many problems, which I appreciate and like. However, at certain points, we can become ~inundated~ with posts of particular teams so I thought I should ask:
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that some teams have their own communities?

Your UScentric stanning needs/wants/desires can probably be found in omg_yanks
If you feel yourself praying to San Iker to help La Furia Roja all summer, then check out ontd_espana
If you're going to hope that Gary Lineker was right and that the Germans will win in the end, look at loewsmiserables (my favorite community name, I can't even lie)

A lot of the time, it helps to ~LURK MOAR~ there and you can get up to speed in the drama/controversy/whatever more easily. In my experience, it's also easier to get pictures/icons in these comms. Please don't think I'm discouraging anyone from posting about their NT here, though, far from it. I'm just saying sometimes, particular posts might be better received in one of the specific communities instead of descending into...whatever over here.

If you know of any other national team communities I can add to the front page, let me know!

ps- those are dicks in the picture, because it's a mod post and I've heard they require dicks
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