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hardly a surprise

Nicolas Anelka sent home after bust-up

France striker Nicolas Anelka has been sent home from the World Cup after reports of a bust-up with coach Raymond Domenech during the Mexico game.

The Chelsea star missed training on Saturday after reports of a row with the France coach during their 2-0 loss.

The 31-year-old, who has started both of France's games, insulted Domenech at half-time, according to L'Equipe.

Anelka later refused to apologise when asked to by French Football Federation president Jean-Pierre Escalettes.

"Faced by the refusal of the player to publicly apologise, he (Escalettes) took the decision in total agreement with the coach and the official members of the delegation present to exclude Nicolas Anelka from the squad," the FFF said in a statement.

The FFF said that France captain Patrice Evra was also present with Escalettes at the French training camp in Knysa when the decision was taken.

France's hope of qualifying from Group A is now out of their own hands following their 0-0 draw to Uruguay and defeat by Mexico.

If Mexico and Uruguay draw in their final match France will be eliminated.


I suppose this was the only outcome after what had happened at half time against Mexico
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