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Beautiful People Playing Beautifully and Making Beautiful Goals



Though The Argies had 68% ball possession during the first 30 minutes, it wasn't easy to get a goal. The South Korean team put a lot of pressure on Messi, he was obviously a marked man and continuously surrounded..

But that's no problemo because it means that the like of Tevez and Di Maria were given a free reign..
Messi played supplier to them as well as to Pipita and he did a terrific job.
Di Maria and Tevez were a constant danger to the South Korean goal keeper.
Several good scoring opportunities came from them.


Angelito gave a performance that surely will make top clubs interested in adding him to their team...

Messi looked a bit frustrated though as he kept getting blocked and having to give the ball away to his mates.
He was rarely able to go deep into the South Korean penalty box. I bet he was itching to score.

But then through his deflected corner-kick Argies got their first goal on the 17th minute. (Park Chu-young, own goal)

Pipita's first goal then came in with the help of Messi and Rodriguez, just a little after the 30th minute mark.

Martin Demichelis then ruined the party by making a mistake of dwelling with the ball -- S. Korea scored one, sending the players into the locker room with a rather grim face.

To his defense, according to Romero, Demichelis couldn't hear the sound of the S. Korean player coming.
I say, whatever.

The first 10 minutes of the second half just about killed me.
I was on edge the whole time.
S. Korea managed to get through Argies' defense and threatened to score an equalizer a few times.

Thankfully The Argies soon picked up their pace and started to synced together, and with Aguero in, the players were newly energized.

It's pretty breezy since then on.
Pipita scored twice in a span of four minutes.
Both were set up by Messi (in addition to Aguero's pass on the third goal)

God is fair and full of forgiveness. Even Demischelis got a big bear hug too.

Oh, and also..Maradona makes great sideline entertainment, doesn't he? I love him. Haters you just go or shut up here mmkay?

Full time  -  Argentina 4:1 South Korea
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