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Victor Valdes on Informe Robinson

VV is a bit of an underdog in the world. No-one knows much about him, except for that incident with Jose in the CL. And totalBarca has translated an episode about him and his childhood for us. I thought this would be great for Barca and La Seleccion fans alike!

And the transcript for Part 2:

Víctor Valdés on Informe Robinson, Part Two.

VÍCTOR: That was the feeling that I had inside, I wanted to put an end to everything which I didn’t want to do.

NARRATOR: When Víctor was 15, Frans Hoek came along with Van Gaal. He would be his specific trainer for 6 years.  Víctor never told him anything.

FRANS HOEK: He never said anything about these things. It’s a surprise for me, too. No, I didn’t know anything about this.

VÍCTOR: When I was 18, I got tired of this situation, and I met with my family. And I told them that I had … decided to stop this path in football and end the constant suffering every weekend.

RICARDO VALDÉS: And he told me very clearly, he told me, “Ricardo … I’m not happy, I’m not happy. I think that you all are, but I’m not.”

VÍCTOR: [I told them] “I want to live a new life where I’m comfortable.”

VÍCTOR: We went for some psychological therapy. And this helped me a lot in that moment.

RICARDO: After two visits with this gentleman, Victor changed.

VÍCTOR: That psychological therapy opened up for me the possibility to see the goal [playing as a keeper] in a different way, the world of football in a different way. And it helped me personally a lot.

VÍCTOR:  The fact of [not wanting] to let down my brother and father, considering their insistence and having arrived at such a high point, in my way, made me continue.

NARRATOR: Two years after he was on the point of quitting, Víctor had his debut in the First Division; although someone had already had the feeling that this would happen.

RICARDO: My father pushed him a lot when he was little, but that was because he knew, clearly, that Victor could be a professional football player. It’s curious because there is an anecdote, when we were going to drop him at La Masia one day . . .

RICARDO: Victor was 13 years old. We got out of the car, and there was an open door to Camp Nou. So we went downstairs without being seen and went down to the grass. And on the field, my mother said, “How great it would be to play in this stadium full of people.” Imagining it.

RICARDO: And I remember it as if it were today … and my father said, “One day your son will play in this goal,” and he pointed to the goal. It’s curious because he pointed to the goal where he actually debuted.

NARRATOR: At 20 years of age, and against Atletico Madrid. These are not calm times in Barcelona. The team is not functioning, and the position of keeper offers doubts.

HOEK: Two penalties, in the same way … one against one, he came out very quickly, and  …

NARRATOR: And Victor loses the position. He is sent back to the filial [reserves]. He doesn’t show up for training. He is fined, and he has to ask for forgiveness publicly.

VÍCTOR: And well, the fact that three months later they send you back to the filial team once you thought that stage was over… It cost me, it cost me a couple of days to accept this situation — it was this, nothing more. I had a lot things to thank the Mister for, a lot.

HOEK: In the end, I think it has been incredibly important for his career.

(During scenes) “What a stop! What a stop!”

RICARDO: If I had to tell you a moment of maximum joy, not only for Víctor but for all the family, it would be when they won the Champions League final in Paris.

DAD: I was stunned when I saw it and sat for 5 minutes without being able to say a word …

RICARDO: And seeing him looking at the sky… my father always wears a ring which belonged to my grandfather… and he, before every match, always kisses the ring and shows it towards heaven. Always.

RICARDO: And, if you pay attention to it, you’ll see that Victor always does this, too, when he comes onto the field.

RICARDO: My grandfather had a real fascination for Victor. He wasn’t able to see him debuting, though. The curious thing is that my grandfather was a Real Madrid fan. He said: “If I ever see him playing in Bernabéu, I’d die.” And I asked him: “and then, grandfather, who would you want to win?” He answered: “that day I would want my grandson to win”.

JUAN CARLOS UNZUE: I find it unpleasant … unfair … that a goalkeeper at Victor’s level, on his curriculum, in his career… doesn’t have a World Cup or Euro Cup title.

VÍCTOR: To play for your country would be a step that any professional would try to achieve, like I’m trying to do.

VÍCTOR: I think that someday it can happen. The reward of a job well done, and I think I’m on that path.

UNZUE: Some people said that he wouldn’t take on this situation…

DAD: With Pepe Reina, I think they are great friends, the two. They met in Barcelona, but I think they are great friends.

DAD: Whether or not he gets called up doesn’t depend on either Reina or Victor. It depends on the coach of the National Team.

VÍCTOR: I have never encountered a teammate, in this case in the position of goalkeeper, who wasn’t competitive.

UNZUE:  If Víctor goes to the national team, he will be the first to help the group stick together, he will be the first to make the group better, because he is very ambitious.

NARRATOR: To talk about his character, Victor returns to La Masia.

VÍCTOR: My character formed within these four walls. And the fact that was I was left alone at such an early age made me, perhaps, develop a character which has helped me with the things I have faced in the future.

DAD: [from Victor’s point of view] I have to be Barça’s goalkeeper, I take it on, but I take on the fact, too, that I have to shield myself to protect me from the problems that someday will come.

UNZUE: In many situations, it (life) has not given him anything… it has even taken things from him. Because that “image” of a cold and distant person… people understand it like a cocky attitude. And nothing could be further from the truth.

DAD: How can someone change in that exaggerated way? How can he act one way on the field and completely different out of it?

RICARDO: The image people see of Victor is very different from his real personality.

VÍCTOR: This isn’t something that worries me a lot, people knowing me or not. What concerns me is to do my job really well, and then the people can acknowledge it.

NARRATOR: The journey arrives at its end, which is the beginning. The first football field.

RICARDO VALDÉS: One day he was so pissed off at listening to me behind the goal, telling him what to do, that he left the goal to try to kick me, and in that moment, the rival team shot to the goal and almost scored.

VÍCTOR: I went to chase him. He was annoying. He was such a pain in the neck!

NARRATOR: For many years Victor would have liked to leave football. He didn’t do it. Today, he celebrates this by returning to a house that he hasn’t seen since he was 8 years old. Where there is what seems to be a garage door. But, in reality, is a goal.

VÍCTOR: My father and my brother. What I have, the privileged life I’m living – and so is my family.… I owe it all to these two people. Without these two people I would have left football. I want to explain this story because I think to insist is worth the trouble. To insist that … because whatever happens or whatever your feelings are, you can reach those goals [in life]. You could regret it for the rest of your life if you surrender and quit, like could have happened to me. I’m sure that if it was my decision entirely, I would have left … and at this moment [had he quit], if someone showed me the future with a crystal ball and I saw my current life, which I could have lived, I would cry every night.

It's a great watch, lots of stuff I didnt even know about him as a Cule. He's a great, humble  guy, its so hard being a keeper, and its  shame he had such an awful childhood :(
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