June 16th, 2016

dier, alli, kane

euro 2016



I've been pronouncing EVERYONE's name wrong

Oh, England. SMH. It's been a sh*tshow, tbh. It seems that some British policemen got gassed by their French counterparts? Oh, dear

Cool photo

Social Media


Where is the lie?

Nice! Congratulations to Eric Dier

The Irish fans are a joy

Where is the LIE?

Football confessions

It is ripe for the taking

Croatia has some inventive kit

Euro 2016
France 2- 0 Albania

Subs Griezmann and Pogba changed things up

They were left out of the starting 11 due to reasons

Bilic has been preening like a proud papa over his Payet. Rates him as highly as Mordic

Payet created fourteen chances and Giroud wasted all his

Greizmann kept on and made it happen. Props to Deschamps for changing things when they weren't working, for going positive. For being everything Hodgson isn't, tbh

Russia 1- 2 Slovakia


What's the story with Vladimir Wiess and his stint at Man City and Man United academies?


Romania 1- 1 Switzerland


Romania got a penalty kick. Switzerland clawed one back

OP: done. Gone to hyperventilate for this Wales vs England game. I want us to win over Wales - despite Hodgson and his cohort, tbh