February 23rd, 2016

cat, cloak and dagger

news tidbits


Players on the move!

I like a good waistcoat and tie

Hugo Boss does GOOD coats. Must put this coat on my vision board!

Jogging. Bleurgh. I do it, but jogging will never be amazing to me, just bearable!

Shrewsbury 0- 3 Manchester United

Before people get TOO hype, it's Shrewsbury, for real

Gossip and pictures

Can someone tell me where I can get this jersey? I like the colours and it seems to be a CL special edition one. Guardiola snipped at the journos yesterday because they were wining him up. The PL mixed zone is no better, boo.

Totti and Roma's new manager aren't seeing eye to eye, so he might move on


Who will prevail

LOL, is this true?

LOL, what?

Ho oh? What say you?

If ever a club needed a good DOF, this is one. Why Sir Alex Ferguson never pushed for it whilst leaving, or the look getting around to that when he made his retirement clear is beyond me

OP: done! Cheers, jeers, corrections and commentary pushback, you know the drill, yeah?