February 15th, 2016

cat, cloak and dagger

weekend news (and matches)


Super Sunday
Arsenal 2- 1 Leicester

This match was amazing. I found myself doing a 10 km hike on Valentine's Day- and with my 4G connection and newer phone, it was buttah

Stop, drop and roll, because Ozil was on fiyah

Welbeck came on - after Leicester went down to 10 men, it was wave after wave of red and white against the foxes' goal.

Aston Villa 0- 6 Liverpool

Out of respect for Villa, I'm not going to show all the photos. It was a slaughter. LFC had six goals by six different players

I gotta say, Klopp has one of the better emotional IQs of a manager that I've ever seen. He just gets things in the most visceral way. How he handled himself before and after the match really had me nodding like a reverent parishioner in a church sermon

Studge is back! I hope he manages to put his mind at rest re: his form and such. Word has it around the club that it's more mental than physical at this point

Manchester City 1 - 2 Tottenham Hotspur

All the lads were training in these shirts before kickoff. Manchester United and Arsenal will be wearing rainbow laces at the end of the month in a nod to kicking out homophobia out of the game

Both teams wore the top

Man City had the pride flag (is it?) flying at full mast outside their stadium

People are going to have words re: the penalty awarded to Spurs yesterday, but to be honest with you, even if hadn't been, you got the feeling that Spurs wanted it more. The team want it more

If it's not Erisken scoring the goal, it's Lloris getting clattered defending his net, or Rose being laid out three times on the pitch

Pochettino is not a man normally given to emotion, but he was here. First time Spurs have done the double on Man City. Roll on ... uh, Fiorentina?

Yesterday was Eriksen's birthday, so he had cake after the game

OP: sorry so short! My back has been cramping again, and after a lot of heat and shocks, I'm up and about.