December 2nd, 2015


More Ligue 1 and Cup Fixtures

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THE EMPEROR HATH SPOKEN is delighted to announce that Bayern Munich defender Philipp Lahm – winner of the World Cup, Champions League and Bundesliga – is joining as an exclusive columnist

Fans, friends and followers of football – I am Philipp Lahm, captain of Bayern Munich and formerly Germany, and I’m delighted to announce that is letting me talk to you about football.

Once or twice a month, I will be publishing a series of columns and videos that will be available in many languages for you to read, share and comment on. I will draw upon all my experience but will be open to your views. And hopefully we will have some fun along the way, too!

look at the rest of it it is beautiful

eta: Also DFB is doing their annual Advent Calendar full of random German stuff. This year it seems to be hosted through their Facebook and is going to be videos.